Bureau Veritas CPS - E.A.W. eNewsletter - May 2018

May. 28 2018

Welcome to our May issue of E.A.W. eNewsletter for the Electrical & Electronics, Automotive and Wireless/Smartworld industry. Please review the stories below; click on the relevant hyperlink in the title to learn more.

World’s First Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) certified Device tested by Bureau Veritas
alt• V2X communication is the passing of information from a vehicle to any entity (vehicle, pedestrian, infrastructure, device, grid)
• Features include collision warning, obstacle detection & lane change assistance
• Certification is a critical step in the widespread implementation of V2X devices and systems

Bureau Veritas Taiwan receives a PTCRB Award of Excellence
• PTCRB certification for wireless devices has been in existence since 1997
• Our wireless lab in Taiwan has been PTCRB accredited since 2011
• Recognizes our wireless laboratory’s capabilities, quantity and quality of certified products
• PTCRB certification is based on standards developed by 3GPP, OMA and other SDO's recognized by the PTCRB

Bureau Veritas Curtis-Straus Energy Efficiency Verification Services meet Demand of North American Manufacturers
alt• The Curtis-Straus Energy Efficiency Verification mark verifies that the product has met energy efficiency requirements for NRCan in Canada and CEC and DOE for America
• We can certify a wide range of products including household appliances, heating and air-conditioning equipment, and lighting and electronic products

Bureau Veritas’ Stacy Stannard receives Award for Contributions to the Electronics Industry
• The award recognizes Stacy’s participation in the development of IPC-1753, as well as her considerable knowledge and work related to the electronic exchange of laboratory informationa
• IPC is a global trade association serving the printed board and electronics assembly industries
• Stacy Stannard is the Business Systems Analyst of Bureau Veritas CPS in USA


Bureau Veritas’ Travis Norton spoke at CPSC's Public Hearing Seminar for IoT and Consumer Product Hazards
alt• The public hearing was hosted by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission in Maryland, USA on 16 May
• The hearing considered the unique risks for connected products and reviewed current approaches to address safety assessments for IoT devicess
• Travis Norton is our Technical Director of Hardlines, Electronics and Smart Products, and a participating member of various committees of the ASTM International in USA

Meet Bureau Veritas on the Road in June

• ITS America 2018 Annual Meeting
  4 - 7 June | Detroit, USA | Booth No.: 347

alt• Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018
  5 - 7 June | Stuttgart, Germany | Halls 8 & 10, Stand: 1010

alt• Intersolar Europe
  20 - 22 June | Munich, Germany | Hall A3, Booth No.: 254

alt• ConCarExpo 2018
  27 - 28 June | Berlin, Germany | Convention Hall 2, Stand: 40

alt• Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018
  27 - 29 June | Shanghai, China | Hall N4, Stand: N4.B45

Enjoy reading the E.A.W. eNewsletter, and stay connected with us.



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