Bureau Veritas launches SAFESUPPLY

Jun. 9 2017

Bureau Veritas partners with US-based Compliance Metrix to launch SAFESUPPLY, an innovative digital collaborative platform to mitigate supply chain risks.

The SAFESUPPLY platform, co-developed by ComplianceMetrix and Bureau Veritas, provides Food and Retail manufacturers a risk-based mapping of their suppliers to support their risk mitigation programs. The solution allows them to save money and optimize resources by focusing on the riskiest suppliers and thus decreasing the number of audits. Suppliers will also use the platform to engage in continuous and automated improvement programs.

The solution provides added value through the reliance on an algorithm that was developed based on data collected from Bureau Veritas audits conducted over many years.  “By combining external public data, thousands of local observations made by Bureau Veritas inspectors and auditors each day all over the world, and information specific to each supplier, we provide the most accurate risk assessment within the market. Our clients now have the relevant information and tools to manage their supply chain risks in a more effective and efficient manner”, said Jorge Hercules, Vice-President of the Certification activity in North America.

For ComplianceMetrix CEO Mitch Porche, “this partnership is a fantastic opportunity to combine our experience in technology and BV’s expertise in risk management. SAFESUPPLY will allow our joint customers to more accurately and quickly assess supply chain risks and take corrective action.”

With SAFESUPPLY, Bureau Veritas leverages its 190 years of local audit experience to calculate global average risks. By giving access to customized scorecards for each supplier, Bureau Veritas’ ambition is to become the partner of choice of large manufacturers in their risk mitigation programs, offering them a unique solution to improve their performance, ensure their global compliance, and protect their brand.

About Bureau Veritas

Created in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

About ComplianceMetrix

ComplianceMetrix (CMX) helps the world’s largest brands achieve Operational Excellence in Compliance, Risk and Quality. It’s the only solution designed to protect brands and drive sustainable performance, through intelligent automation that combines compliance, quality and operational activities into a single operating platform.