Cybersecurity Guidelines for Software Development & Assessment (BV-SW-200)

Jun. 15 2017

Cyberattacks on software: How to deal with the growing threats?

New: Bureau Veritas releases its new guide dedicated to software cybersecurity [BV-SW-200]

Software is a perfect target for cyber-attacks. The consequences of such attacks could be a disaster! The solution? Incorporating cybersecurity requirements at the beginning of the Software development phase.

Bureau Veritas, global leader in conformity assessment and certification, announces the publication of the guide 'Cybersecurity Guidelines for Software Development & Assessment', co-written with LIST (CEA TECH), to prevent risks related to software cyber-attacks.

This technical guide emphasizes a set of security objectives addressed to software developers and highlights good practices to be implemented in order to manage the security of software systems. This guide is also helpful to give specifications focused on cybersecurity to subcontractors.