Nos employés, votre expertise

Our people, our expertise

A global network of talent

With their breadth of expertise and professional backgrounds, our people represent our most important asset in generating value for our clients.

Our engineers support safe design of products and assets, and improve their performance throughout their life. Inspectors verify the safety and reliability of all types of industrial infrastructure, and check the quality and quantity of products. Laboratory technicians test a vast range of products - from crude oil to food, footwear and wireless devices. And our network of auditors provide certification to international standards, enabling our clients to access markets.

We also have high-profile research and development engineers and talented specialists in project management, marketing and administration.

Global / local expertise & capabilities

Together, they allow us to offer a complete set of services in 140 countries. The scale of our network means that we can leverage local knowledge about the business and regulatory environment. But above all, it means that we are close to our clients in each country. We speak the same language and we understand the challenges they face.

Pride in our mission

Everything we do, we do with impartiality and strong sense of ethics. Our company is helping to improve quality, health & safety, and social responsibility, while also safeguarding the environment. Our employees value the importance of that mission. They are proud to see that their work makes a positive impact every day on the lives of millions of people around the world.

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