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Supporting the shift toward green hydrogen
Moving from a linear economy with a traditional industrial manufacturing model (Take, Make, Use, Lose) to a circular economy model with little or no impact on Natural Capital will require a strong commitment from corporations. To do this, they need to mitigate their short-term environmental impact, while rethinking their business models to make them sustainable by design for the medium-term. […]
May. 12 2021
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  • Sustainable Shipping for Sustainable Planet
    Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet
    Combating climate change is one of the primary challenges of our era. From energy, to construction, to retail (to name just a few sectors), industries are committing to limiting their environmental impact. The shipping industry is no exception, with governing and regulatory bodies setting targets to vastly limit shipping’s environmental impact.[…]
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    Sep. 24 2020 - 4 min