Oil Condition Monitoring Laboratory Tour in Middelburg, South Africa

Feb. 2 2016

MIDDELBURG (February 2nd, 2016) – Bureau Veritas will host a customer event on February 4 in Middelburg, South Africa, to launch our new Oil Condition Monitoring Laboratory.

The Middelburg laboratory allows Bureau Veritas to provide lubricant and oil analysis in South Africa and continues a global expansion of our Oil Condition Monitoring services.

During a laboratory tour, customers will learn how lubricant and oil analysis helps maintenance managers in both the industrial and heavy duty equipment markets make informed recommendations that can improve machine reliability, reduce maintenance and repair costs, significantly extend equipment life and prevent catastrophic maintenance events.

Customers will also receive a short presentation on our exclusive Lube Oil Analysis Management System (LOAMSSM) software which demonstrates how our oil condition monitoring programs provide:

  • Online tools that bring clarity and meaning to complex laboratory results
  • Maintenance recommendations that improve production and save money
  • Services and support that foster collaborative customer partnerships

“Bureau Veritas is committed to investing in our network to ensure we are the global provider of choice for oil condition monitoring services.  Increasing our footprint in South Africa is integral to our global expansion strategy and will provide our customers in this region with industry leading expertise,” said Matt Hopkinson, Senior Vice President, Global Oil & Gas of Bureau Veritas’ Commodities Division.

For more information, please e-mail or call +27 61 091 1981