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V-TRACE by Bureau Veritas

V-TRACE: the sustainable supply chain monitoring solution.

Your customers increasingly expect greater transparency regarding the safety, origin and sustainability of products they use. V-TRACE, the best-in-class traceability solution from Bureau Veritas and our partner OPTEL helps you ensure risk management and compliance throughout your supply chain. Respond to new regulations and reassure your end users with V-TRACE.

Assuring a seamless way to gather reliable data for sustainable supply chain verification


Regulatory demands such as the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) as well as its anti-deforestation regulations concerning imported products are an ever-increasing concern for manufacturers in all industries. These include players in agri-food, automotive, textiles, metal & minerals, and electric batteries. In addition to regulations, you are facing increasingly smart consumer demands to embed traceability into your business models.

More and more, you need to demonstrate that the products you manufacture are produced sustainably, using responsible sourcing all along the supply chain. You must ensure full transparency of parent-child logistics connections throughout the chain. And you need to remain proactive rather than discover too late an issue somewhere between initial material sourcing and final delivery.


V-TRACE is a seamless way to associate reliable data with your product along the supply chain. We provide an independent view of your supply chain sustainability performance and offer traceability assurance of your supply chain.

  • Preliminary evaluation is Powered by Clarity
    Utilizing our BV platform, your supply chain partners assess their overall sustainability performance. This is the first step toward compliance with our best-in-class requirements in terms of Social, Environmental and Business Ethics matters. You then use that information to map out risks along your supply chain, which we review and evaluate to determine a final score.
  • Onsite audits and inspections
    Our experts provide thorough independent assessments of all aspects of your supply chain sustainability performance and the traceability quality of your data. We offer onsite audits and the services you need.
  • Full traceability and reporting expertise
    We ensure full sustainable supply chain traceability verification, from basic supplier mapping to reporting on all critical tracking events (e.g., origin, quality and ESG components)
  • Control tower monitoring
    Our control tower performs real-time data collection on a dedicated platform that offers a user-friendly dashboard and KPI monitoring.
  • One-stop shop services
    Backed by our technical expertise across all commodities and the best evaluation methodology in the TIC market, we employ well-proven platforms and applications to capture and upload data. Our experts are present in over 140 countries to provide you with a custom solution.


The V-TRACE platform, developed by our partner OPTEL, can be used to safely and securely build and capture logistics information, strengthening the parent-child relationship and providing other traceability data. V-TRACE’s one-stop shop control tower is then fully built and customizable with various features and functionalities.

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