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Bureau Veritas extends digital portfolio with ‘PSC Ready’ application

avr. 12 2018

BV’s ‘PSC Ready’ is a digital application to help ships’ crews to prepare for port state control (PSC) inspections. Freely available to all in the industry for use on mobile, laptop and desk top applications PSC Ready joins the extensive portfolio of BV’s digital applications meeting clients’ needs.

Paris-La Défense, France, April 12, 2017,  ‘PSC Ready’ assists ship managers and their crews in planning and ensuring readiness for port state control inspections.  ‘PSC Ready’ is a cloud-based and secure application, downloadable for both IOS and Android.

The application helps ensure that ship owners are able to focus on all the requirements needed to be ready for PSC inspections. The benefits of ‘PSC Ready’ include:

  • Helping ensure compliance with applicable requirements
  • Enhancing ship maintenance by developing crews’ awareness of safety, environmental and employment requirements as well as those for ship structures and equipment 
  • The opportunity to improve PSC performance worldwide
  • Training crews to detect, correct and avoid deficiencies 
  • Access to statistics, data and news on PSC developments 
  • ‘Check offline, report online’ functionality recognizing that data connections cannot always be available on-board

New Bureau Veritas App, PSC Ready, helps ship managers and crews prepare for Port State Control inspections.

The application enables PSC awareness to be shared across a company’s fleet, the sharing and analysis of records and performance with management and clients and the promotion of awareness of specific PSC concentrated inspection campaigns - all with access to the latest information about PSC areas of focus and interpretation.

Laurent Leblanc , Vice President and Marine Operations Director, Bureau Veritas said: ‘We wanted to ensure that shipowners and their crews know what Port State Inspections require and to help them manage those requirements – all with a practical, digital, tool. This application provides the most up-to-date route to manage PSC planning and performance, enabling data and best practice to be shared on-board and across fleets.’  

‘Port state control is a major operational factor for shipowners and the bottom line is both safety and preventing unexpected operational loss of time and cost.’

‘PSC Ready’ was developed and refined in pilot projects with shipowners world-wide. The version released today reflects their guidance, input, advice and feedback. It is available for download at Google Play and Apple’s Apps Store.