Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services supports World Environment Day 2016

3 juin. 2016

Hong Kong, 3 June, 2016 – Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (BVCPS) announces that it will again celebrate and support World Environment Day (WED) on 5 June. This is the 8th consecutive year that BVCPS has supported WED initiatives throughout its worldwide locations. 


The WED theme this year is “Go Wild for Life”. The goal is to combat illegal trade in wildlife products and preserve the Earth’s precious biodiversity of the endangered species from animals or plants. To echo the WED theme, BVCPS is launching a company-wide campaign to educate its employees of the importance of protecting endangered species from killing, smuggling, consuming to their extinction as well as preserving the Earth’s precious biodiversity, natural heritage and sustainability. 

A series of activities scheduled to honor WED around the world include:
Zero tolerance for the illegal wildlife trade” Worldwide Campaigns: During May and June, Bureau Veritas CPS’ worldwide locations have organized / will be organizing various WED talks, workshops, and activities. Organized internally by Bureau Veritas, or partnering with third-party organizations or local schools, these activities are aimed at raising awareness, educating the people as to the importance of protecting wildlife and its existence, as well as saying no to illegal wildlife trade and consumption. These include:
• European locations including France, Spain, UK, Germany, Portugal, Italy have developed a Pan-Europe WED broadcast campaign for its employees and clients to provide information on the decline of wild species and methods for such preservation. Similar WED broadcasts have taken place in Greater China, Asia, and the Americas.
• The Pakistan lab collaborated with The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Pakistan and organized an awareness seminar on “Zero tolerance for the illegal wildlife trade” for its employees on 1 June. The India Noida lab will also launch a WED awareness campaign on 4 June, in collaboration with Sansthanam Abhay Daanam, a local non-governmental organization with a charitable bird hospital. Furthermore, the Bangladesh location will organize a WED educational program for local students on 5 June.  
• With the support of The Wild Life of Yalova Branch of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, the Turkey lab’s employees will go trekking at Su Dusen’ Waterfall in Yalova Province on 5 June so as to raise awareness of biodiversity and biological species smuggling. Additionally, the Indonesia lab will organize an employee morning walk, in conjunction with the Jakarta Car Free Day, on 5 June to distribute Bureau Veritas’ WED stickers to participants.  
• The India location initiated a few WED competition on photography, collage, and poster in May for employees to inspire people around the world to take care of wildlife and say no to the illegal trade or consumption of endangered species. Similarly, the Singapore lab will conduct a music drama on WED for employees’ children to take part in on 3 June. In addition, the Guatemala location will organize a costume contest on 4 June at a local orphanage where participating children will dress as native species that are endangered. 
“Save Endangered Wild Bees”: Bureau Veritas’ locations in Germany have initiated a campaign to put nests behind the lab, near a field of flowers, for wild bees’ shelter. Also, the employees were encouraged to install nests in their home gardens or balconies to create bee-friendly habitats. 
“Reforestation of Rainforest at Sinharaja”: In collaboration with The Wild Life Association of Sri Lanka, Department of Wild Life Conservation, the employees of Bureau Veritas’ Sri Lanka lab will participate in this full-day activity at Sinharaja, Sri Lanka in early June. The activity aims to restore the tropical habitat for biodiversity as well as to preserve wild flowers and fauna in the region.  
“Hands-Green Day”: Continuing its 8th year, the U.S. Buffalo location will organize a visit to the local Tifft Nature Preserve to plant trees and shrubs as well as to remove invasive species on 3 June. Additionally, the employees of the Vietnam and Cambodia locations will organize local tree planting events at Can Gio, a coastal area of Ho Chi Minh City, and Mekong River side in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, so as to conserve the land / soil from coastal erosion for its native habitats on 5 June.  
“Preserve Wild Flowers and Native Species”: The Warrington location in the UK has planted a variety of wild flowers, such as oxeye daisies, lavender, primroses and cyclamen, so as to provide natural habitat for wild bees, the primary pollinators of plants in the UK. The wild flower seeds were also given away to employees to plant in their gardens, with a lucky prize given to the best wildflower patch amongst the participants. Furthermore, new habitats were also created for hedgehogs in the area.
Other special WED events at Bureau Veritas locations around the globe include:
• Saying “No” to the consumption of clothing, products, accessories, and items that are made from endangered species.
• The initiation of fostering and/or adopting orphaned animals from approved NGOs.
• The carrying out of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” – office supplies like batteries, CDs, books, printing papers, stationery, computer equipment and accessories, etc.
• The displaying of WED promotional items such as posters, banners, leaflets, booklets, slide shows and videos.
• “Sustainable Green Office” practices: lights-out during lunch time, switching off lighting, air conditioning, electrical appliances in unoccupied areas or leaving office; and use of energy-efficiency automation.

Oliver Butler, President of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, commented: “As a world-leading supply chain solutions and sustainability solutions provider, we are again delighted to participate in, and contribute to, these wide selections of WED initiatives. Bureau Veritas’ testing, inspection, certification and advisory solutions help companies make informed sourcing and design decisions in respect of quality, health, safety, and the environment.”