Bureau Veritas releases “The digital asset across industries – A TIC company perspective” position paper.

22 mai. 2018

Bureau Veritas today announced the publication of “The digital asset across industries – A TIC company perspective”, a position paper that outlines the importance for companies to embark on the digital transformation to clearly define their needs with regards to new technologies and decide how to integrate them in their value chain processes.

The Industry 4.0 transformation will allow better management of quality, integrity, efficiency and performance, and will enhance the industrial agility of companies. However, it will also strengthen needs in terms of data management and cybersecurity. This revolution does not solely impact traditional industry players but all actors in the value chain, including TIC companies.

The ambitions of this position paper are to propose highlevel concepts for the Digital Asset and Digital Asset levels, lay down some common definitions, and identify a roadmap for Testing-Inspection-Certification (TIC) service companies in this new environment.

The paper is the result of collaboration between Bureau Veritas experts in sectors including Industry, Marine & Offshore, Building and Facilities, working in roles ranging from design to in-service operation. With 190 years of experience in the field of TIC, Bureau Veritas is regarded as a leader in developing cutting-edge asset management services for the modern age.

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