• Cover_PR_fondation_de_la_mer

    The Fondation de la Mer and Bureau Veritas launch “Ocean Approved®”

  • Free_range_chicken_at_the_farm_in_countryside

    The Episode 2 of All About Trust – The Podcast is out!

  • Cover_moray_west_news

    Certification of UK’s Moray West offshore windfarm

  • Cover_Oil&gas_article



    Achieving Net Zero in Oil & Gas

  • Cover_msci_ratings

    ESG performance: Bureau Veritas improves MSCI Rating

  • cover_new_lab_south_australia_PR

    Shipbuilding: Bureau Veritas opens laboratory in South Australia

  • Cover_v-trace_white_paper_news

    White paper: responding to the challenges of the vaccine supply chain

  • Cover_insight_green_hydrogen




    Supporting the shift toward green hydrogen

  • Cover_hydrogen_article




    Shaping trust in Hydrogen

  • Cover_news_Bradley

    Bureau Veritas acquires US-based Bradley Construction Management

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