Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Supports World Environment Day 2017

1 juin. 2017

Hong Kong, 1 June, 2017 – Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (“Bureau Veritas CPS”) announces that it will again celebrate and support World Environment Day (WED) on 5 June. This is the 9th consecutive year that we have supported WED initiatives throughout our worldwide locations.

The theme of World Environment Day 2017 is “Connecting People to Nature”. This year’s theme invites us to think about how we are part of nature and how intimately we depend on it, and challenges us to find fun and exciting ways to experience and cherish this vital relationship. To echo the WED theme, Bureau Veritas CPS is launching a company-wide campaign to encourage its employees to go outdoors and connect with nature, to appreciate Nature’s beauty and importance, and to embrace the call to protect the Earth, we all share. 

A series of activities scheduled to honor WED around the world include:

“I’m with Nature”

During May and June, Bureau Veritas CPS locations worldwide have organized, and will be organizing various outings, cycling and hiking to national parks, forests, farms, rivers and mountains. Employees are also encouraged to take photos and videos for their local contests aligned to the WED theme. The initiative is to encourage the employees to explore and connect with nature; appreciate Nature’s beauty and importance of conservation and protection of the planet.

“Save the Shorelines”

Bureau Veritas CPS’ Head Office in Hong Kong is going to conduct a shoreline clean-up activity at the Lower Cheung Sha Beach in Lantau Island on 1 June. The activity aims to keep the shoreline of Hong Kong clean and help protect the marine environment.  On 3 June, the employees of Sri Lanka location will clean up the shoreline on Kosgoda Beach, 50 miles from Katubedda, and conduct an on-site educational awareness campaign on the habitat of endangered sea turtles. As well as the employees of the India location will participate in cleaning up River Yamuna to help maintain its biodiversity on 4 June.

“Support Vision of Love”

The Hong Kong location organized an eyeglasses recycling campaign for the employees between April and May to support a local community project initiated by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The project aimed to promote environmental sustainability by recycling used eyeglasses and sunglasses donated by the citizens and reusing by the needy in the community while promoting a reduction in waste and consumption.

“Handmade Bokashi Balls”

In collaboration with the Pasig River Rehabilitation Center, the Philippines location participated in a handmade workshop of Bokashi Balls (Mud Balls) for the employees of the Bureau Veritas Group in late May. The Bokashi Balls will then be dumped into the Pasig River by the participants on 2 June. Bokashi Ball is a water-cleaning agent, which is made of dried mud and other ingredients, that eliminates bacteria in the water, removes odors, and serves as fertilizer for the river bed. 

“Preserve our Wetlands”

The Indonesia location went to Mangrove Forest, the major wetland with reservoir in Jakarta, to plant mangrove seeds in late May. Continuing its 9thyear, the U.S. Buffalo location will organize a visit to the local Tifft Nature Preserve on 2 June to clean waterway, plant trees as well as to remove invasive species to help preserve the ecological balance of the Nature Reserve. The employees will also conduct a clean-up activity in the wooded area behind the Buffalo facility during lunch time on 5 June. 

“Hands-on Modern Agriculture”

On 3 June, the Taiwan location will visit the Fu-tian Village Eco-Education Leisure Farm to explore and learn more of modern agriculture for the conservation of the land, soil and the environment. Furthermore, another visit will be organized by the Electrical and Electronics team on 10 June to the National Taiwan University Experimental Farm with lectures and workshops on ecological preservation of food sources as well as sustainable agriculture for vegetables and fruits. Both groups of the participants will get a hands-on experience on doing “blue-dye” on textiles, or DIY potted plants at the venues for the day. 

“For Nature, Together We Stand”

The Vietnam location will organize a full-day activity for its employees on 4 June to remove waste disposal at the Nam Cat Tien National Park in Dong Nai Province, followed by tour visits to the Cat Tien Nature Museum and a rescue shelter for bears. Furthermore, the China locations have conducted clean-up activities during May and June to various national parks to remove waste disposal by the visitors. The objective of these visits is to raise awareness of nature conservation, ecology preservation and protection of wildlife and animals.

“Reforest the Rainforest at Sinharaja”

In collaboration with The Wild Life Association of Sri Lanka, Department of Wild Life Conservation for two consecutive years, the employees of Sri Lanka location will participate in a reforestation activity to plant trees at Sinharaja on 5 June. The activity aims to restore the tropical habitat for biodiversity as well as to preserve wild flowers and fauna in the region.  

Other special events at Bureau Veritas locations around the globe include:

  • The carrying out of various contests such as posters, painting, selfies, and photographs for the best moments of connecting with nature.  
  • The circulation of email notices, banners, posters and videos of WED to employees.
  • The organization of WED educational awareness seminars, workshops and exhibits.
  • The sharing of the best ideas of promoting eco-friendly best practices at the workplace.  
  • The carrying out of lights-out event, no air-conditioning, and elevator service during lunch time.
  • The implementation of Zero Polythene (PVC, HDPD bags...) project at the workplace.
  • The use of “Bring Your Own Bag”, and “Say No to Plastic Bag” when purchases.
  • The encouragement of taking public transportation or cycling to work.
  • The promotion of meat-free lunch and zero lunch leftovers.
  • The planting of trees and shrubs at the premises. 
  • The collection of used books for charitable donation. 

Oliver Butler, President of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, commented: “We are delighted to participate, and continue to contribute, to these WED initiatives promoting the importance of the environmental conservation worldwide. As a trusted testing, inspection and certification partner, Bureau Veritas actively supports our clients in the consumer products industry as they implement industry best practices throughout their supply chains, to continually improve quality, safety as well as environmental and social accountability compliance.”