Meet our people

Diverse talents, same shared vision

Our industry demands technical expertise, a strong sense of service, innovative thinking and a commitment to the highest ethical standards. We work with the best talent—and recognize that our people empower our success. Every year, we hire more than 10,000 new employees all over the world. Positions cover a broad range of roles and duties.

  • Engineers support the safe design of products and assets, improving their performance and extending their useful life.
  • Inspectors check that industrial infrastructure operates as intended, and verify product quality and quantity.
  • Laboratory technicians test everything from crude oil to clothing, food and wireless devices, keeping products safe and reliable.
  • Our network of auditors provides certification according to international standards, allowing clients access to global markets.
  • Research and development engineers, business developers and specialists oversee our project management, marketing and administration.

What our employees have to say about working for us

…you won’t find such a high level of loyalty, hard work and integrity in many other places.

Doris MOK, Government Services & International Trade (GSIT) China - Joined in 1996

I believe that every day you learn something new is a day worth working.

Jorge RISUENO, Industry & Facilities (I&F) South West Europe (based in Spain) - Joined in 2000

I think it’s a very good place to start working, for a young engineer and if you’re a woman. I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t like it!

Inci DOGUSAN, Industry & Facilities (I&F) Kazakhstan - Joined in 1998

You know how it starts but you cannot guess how the end will be! It’s like a good action movie. Potentials of evolutions are huge if you are curious, open minded, ready to try new adventures and a little bit mobile.

Hugues RABIER, Industry & Facilities (I&F) France - Joined in 1994

Also, we have a great team in North China who I enjoy working with; we are like a big family. We support and help each other all the time, which makes me feel good.

Rosie WANG, Consumer Products Services China - Joined in 2011