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Early careers programs

We are committed to supporting people starting their careers or changing careers to gain valuable experience to help you gain foundational experience in your chosen or new profession. Many of our countries offer programs that recruit significant numbers of recent graduates, apprentices, and interns. These programs are in addition to several ongoing roles that are reserved for the recruitment of such individuals for fixed periods of time that hence provide continuous opportunities for people starting or changing careers to acquire highly valuable and marketable skills to be applied in future positions.

An example of one of our early careers programs is our technology graduate trainee program in India which recruited 22 recent graduates seeking to pursue a career in information technology. Another example is our “alternance” program in France where students join BV as part of a work-study agreement, thereby splitting their time between the workplace and university; this program recruits a significant number of our people in France and in fact accounted for 13% of all our new recruits in 2022!

  • In India

    22 graduates seeking a career in information technology.

  • In France

    13% of the students were recruited in 2022!

Professions and skills of the future 

Bureau Veritas is constantly identifying new opportunities to serve society and our communities and to be the market leader across many services. We therefore are committed to ensuring our people have the skills needed to seize emerging opportunities and accomplish this through a mix of training our people and welcoming new joiners who possess such skills.

Examples of this are our “Sust’Enablers” learning platform which provides learning on priority sustainability topics that are critical for individual roles, such as the energy transition, sustainable supply chains, and sustainable cities. The platform also enables our people to share content, enhance sustainability awareness and knowledge within the Company, and help employees understand what sustainability means concretely for their roles. Another example is training our new joiners and existing teams on our “Clarity” initiative, which is a part of the Group’s Green Line of services provided to clients seeking to enhance their trusted sustainability commitments and progress.