Our 6 business activities

Our six business activities, organized by end market, ensure the best possible alignment between our teams’ expertise and the needs of our clients in all sectors using a cross-functional approach. Our global customer focus helps reinforce our presence among major companies which also benefit from our local action.

Marine & Offshore

  • In-service ships and ships under construction, offshore platforms and units, maritime equipment.
  • Our role: to help ensure safety at sea with ship and offshore platform classification services. To provide technical expertise in order to assess and manage risks and improve performance.

Agri-Food & Commodities

  • Oil and petrochemicals, metals and minerals, coal, agricultural and agri-food products, imported goods.
  • Our role: to improve transparency and to verify the composition, quality and quantity of commodities throughout the value chain, from drilling to trading, and from farm to fork. To facilitate international trade and protect citizens from poor quality products by verifying import conformity.


  • Oil & Gas, electricity, transport including automotive, manufacturing and processing industries.
  • Our role: to maintain the safety, reliability and integrity of industrial assets throughout their life cycle, and assess compliance with national, international and voluntary QHSE (1) standards. To verify quality and help optimize the automotive supply chain.

Buildings & Infrastructure

  • Residential and commercial buildings, industrial facilities, public infrastructure and equipment, in-service equipment in buildings and environmental analyses.
  • Our role: to provide assurance that buildings and infrastructure in use or under construction are compliant and energy‑efficient. To ensure business continuity and environmental protection by assessing the safety and performance of in‑service facilities, and by analyzing air and water quality.


  • International QHSE (Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and social responsibility) standards (mainly ISO), industry management systems (agri-food, aeronautics, automotive, etc.) and sustainable development (CSR, climate change).
  • Our role: to certify that quality, health and safety and environmental management systems comply with international, national or industry standards or company‑specific standards in order to improve risk management and performance.

Consumer Products

  • Textiles, toys, electronic appliances, smart devices, jewelry, cosmetics, sports equipment and automotive spare parts.
  • Our role: to test and verify consumer product compliance, quality, safety and performance and improve supply chain efficiency.