All About Trust #1: In Norway, with Jorn

Jan. 31 2020

What makes Bureau Veritas a leader in the food safety sector?

Bureau Veritas has been a global leader in inspection, laboratory testing, audits and certification for over 30 years now, supporting our clients across the entire seafood supply chain in ensuring the traceability, quality and health safety of products, from fishing vessels and aquafarms, through port loading and unloading, processing, distribution and retail.

Our specialists work across 25 countries on a daily basis to verify compliance with regulations, good production practices and international certification and standards in production and processing.

How do Bureau Veritas' auditors contribute to shaping a world of trust?

Both our auditors and inspectors are committed to providing objective, independent assessments of product compliance and conformity, contributing to production and distribution processes that safeguard consumer health and providing businesses that demonstrate good practices with the tools they need to promote their companies and products, thereby building long-lasting trust-based relationships with their clients.

Our team members are passionate about new and emerging environmental factors that can help protect our oceans and secure the future of humankind.

How is our area of expertise changing in line with current trends?

Environmental and social factors are an increasingly major part of the work we do.
Twenty years ago, we had already started working with organics and on responsible sourcing policies for our distribution and processing clients' salmon, line-caught tuna and farmed shrimp.
In the past five years, the certification standards that underpin eco-friendly labels have grown exponentially, and Bureau Veritas now boasts accreditation for over 20 globally recognized certifications.

We are currently rolling out audit programs for fishing vessels, and we are also conducting offshore observations to better assess fishing impact on biodiversity, and to improve fishery management approaches (i.e. quotas, selective fishing methods, biological recovery periods, marine protected areas, etc.).

We are now seeing countless requests pertaining to animal welfare, with companies seeking to ensure no harm comes to animals during farming, transport and slaughter.
Our Bureau Veritas Marine branch carries out inspections and audits to ensure that freight and fishing vessels comply with “anti-pollution” norms related to fuel, offshore pollution discharge, anti-fouling and now social compliance.

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    seafood product inspections per year

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    days spent at sea in an inspection or observation capacity, on fishing vessels in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans

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    seafood product processing and production companies certified by Bureau Veritas for compliance with stringent international norms and standards

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