The TIC market

A > €200bn market opportunity

Tic market 1

source : Bureau Veritas Estimates

TIC Market sizing methodology

Tic market 2


Touching all sectors

Tic market 3


Mega-Trends boosting growth prospects

  • Rise of the middle class in emerging countries and rise in demand for safety, as well as infrastructure investments.
  • Use of complex technologies, shorter product lifecycles, complexity of supply chains.
  • Need by global corporations to better protect their brand in addition to regulatory compliance.
  • Outsourcing and privatization.

Regional, national or global markets

Business Fragmentation Competitive Environment
Marine & Offshore Medium 12 members of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) class more than 90% of the global shipping fleet.
Agri-Food & Commodities    

- Agri-Food

High A few global players. A large number of local players.

- Commodities

Medium A few global players. A few regional groups and specialized local players.

- Government services and international trade

Low Four main players for government services.
Industry High A few large European or global players. A large number of highly specialized local players.
Buildings & Infrastructure High A few regional players. A large number of local players.
Certification High A few global players and quasi-state-owned national certification bodies, and many local players.
Consumer Products Medium A relatively concentrated market for toys, textiles ad hardline products. Fragmented markets for electrical products and electronics.