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Learning & development for our people

We’re committed to building our people’s skills and enabling their potential to flourish. This helps ensure we have people who can contribute to the future needs of business and society. Our learning & development strategy is founded on:

  • continuously assessing our people’s learning needs using future-proofed skills frameworks, for example for technical sales, digital, sustainability; and leadership skills  

  • the design and development of solutions based around on-the-job experiences, connections with others, and formal learning and we leverage our digital learning platform, MyLearning, to provide targeted learning to our people that is accessible anywhere, anytime   

  • inclusion of solutions in our people’s individual learning plans    

  • ongoing evaluation of learning & development solutions to maximize their effectiveness

Technical learning  

Bureau Veritas operates across many fields and our technical training that we offer to our people is comprehensive to ensure that we can work with full knowledge of current and emerging standards, regulations and inspection methods. These include sampling, analysis, non‑destructive tests and measurements along with the technical characteristics of items inspected (products, processes, equipment, etc.) and associated safety standards. 

The Technical departments of each of our divisions monitor technical training, qualifications, and skills for our people, which are also audited by relevant external accreditation bodies (COFRAC, IACS, UKAS, are examples of such bodies).

Professional development

To ensure our people are developing their professional skills, regardless of their technical specialty, we offer a host of programs from catalogs of online courses in multiple languages that focus on leadership and management, sales and negotiation, project management and personal efficiency.  

These digital courses are supplemented by virtual and live classroom learning that are customized according to our people’s career aspirations and roles. 

We also celebrate “Learning at Work Week” where all BV employees are able and expected to join webinars on priority topics and commit to applying key skills from the sessions. Facilitated by external partners and internal experts, past topics have included: understanding sustainability, influence & negotiation, effective use of social media theory and coaching others for success. Ongoing quarterly sessions are also held on additional priorities.