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Bureau Veritas opens eco-friendly food lab in Japan

Nov. 2 2021

Health, quality, safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility: these are challenges that are central to all of society’s aspirations. As a Business to Business to Society company, it is our duty to be a sustainability standard-bearer internally, as well as an industry role model in this area. We are committed to acting responsibly to Shape a Better World.

Shaping a Better Environment is one of our CSR strategy pillars. In this framework, this September Bureau Veritas opened a brand-new, eco-friendly food laboratory in Japan.

In full compliance with the RE100 initiative*, the Japan food analysis lab’s electricity is sourced entirely from renewable or non-fossil sources. Starting in April 2022, Bureau Veritas will go further by sourcing 35% of the lab’s electricity supply from solar power. The result: the lab’s annual CO2 footprint will go from 110 metric tons of CO2 (226 MWh) annually to zero. This represents a reduction of 122 metric tons CO2 (249 MWh) in 2022, correlated to business activities.

Thanks to a residue treatment machine and wastewater neutralizer, the new lab reduces industrial waste by 70%. The food waste disposal system eliminates specimen residue, and the wastewater neutralizer decomposes waste liquid alkaline into water and toxic substances. The water is then discharged to the drainage ditch as general wastewater, while the remaining toxic substances are reduced to about one-tenth their original volume. In total, this means a reduction from currently 25 metric tons CO2 annually to 8 metric tons CO2 in 2022, correlated to business activities.

The new food analysis lab is 1.5 times larger than the previous lab site, which enables increased testing capacity. It has been designed to optimize production efficiency, occupational health and safety. For example, a non-slip floor and antibacterial wallpaper have been installed to reduce accidents and improve health.

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*A global initiative bringing together the world's most influential businesses, committed to 100% renewable electricity.