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The Fondation de la Mer and Bureau Veritas launch “Ocean Approved®”

Jun. 7 2021

The Fondation de la Mer and Bureau Veritas, together with the French Ministry of the Sea, are launching “Ocean Approved®”. The label is the first in the world to recognize companies that are committed to understanding and improving their impact on the ocean.

The ocean is a focal point for major issues related to climate and biodiversity. All companies, regardless of their sector of activity, have a role to play. To enable them to understand and assess their interactions with the ocean, thereby providing them with the means to act, the Fondation de la Mer created the Ocean Framework in 2020. This standard translates SDG14 into operational practice.

Building on the rigorous standard, the Ocean Approved® label recognizes companies that are committed to a process of continuous improvement in their impact on the ocean. Accessible to organizations from all countries, whatever their sector of activity or size, this label complies with the best practice governance standards defined by the CSR platform of France Stratégie.

The French Ministry of the Sea's Delegation for the Sea and Coastline was invited by the Fondation de la Mer to take part in developing the label. It worked in collaboration with Bureau Veritas, BPI France, BCG, EpE and France Invest, all members of the label's governance committee.

The labeling process is based on an evaluation of the actions launched by the company, and on analysis of the governance mechanisms in place. Examples of company actions include reducing or recycling plastic materials, improving wastewater treatment, and paying more attention to the protection of coastal areas. An audit is carried out by an independent third party body, which has been approved by the Fondation de la Mer for its expertise and know-how, to guarantee the truth and accuracy of the company's statements. Bureau Veritas is one of the approved independent third-party bodies.

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