Governments: improving import processes

Bureau Veritas supports Governments to provide efficient services and protect their citizens.

Efficent Government services

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With imports playing a major role in most economies, protecting citizens from substandard imported goods is one of the basic roles of government. In an increasingly globalized world, governments also seek to demonstrate they are an efficient place to do business. This means ensuring transparent processes for businesses and citizens, and rapid customs clearance for imports.

How we support you

Bureau Veritas works with Governments to control imports into their countries, protecting citizens. We have developed a range of digitally-enhanced services that increase efficiency.

  • Protecting local populations
    Bureau Veritas is accredited by a number of countries to perform Verification of Conformity, assessing goods at the point of export, and issuing certificates of conformity to exporters. The aim: to ensure substandard goods do not enter a country. 
  • Efficient customs clearance
    Bureau Veritas is a leader in Single Window concessions. These innovative digital systems cut customs clearance times and improve trade and transparency. They allow traders to lodge information with a single body to fulfil all import- or export-related regulatory requirements.
  • Improving tax collection
    Inspection of imports using X-ray scanners enables countries to check that products and their quantities imported match customs declarations. We install and operate scanners for countries, helping countries boost tax revenues and prevent illegal imports.

Certification for Governments

A major focus for government is on improving the quality and efficiency of the services they deliver. Accredited by over 55 bodies worldwide, Bureau Veritas is a leader in the certification of quality, health & safety and environmental management services. We also help governments address the growing threat of cyber security via certification of information management systems.

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Digital solution

Our Verigates platform enables exporters to manage certificates required for import.

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