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Smart & wireless devices

Smart and wireless devices are transforming the way we live and work—but they are not without risks. We help you to address these risks, enabling you to innovate with confidence.

Targeting the vulnerabilities and hazards of smart devices

Your challenges

Today, more devices are connected to the internet than people—and that number is expected to rise. But the increased use of smart and wireless devices has also come with risks: many contain security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, while others may pose health and environmental dangers. As a smart and wireless device manufacturer, integrator or brand/retailer you need to bring your devices to market while addressing the following key risks: cybersecurity, interoperability, interference, reliability, health and safety, and environmental performance.

How we support you

We have the recognitions, skills, personnel and footprint needed to help you to address the key risks of smart and wireless devices, work with key technology fora, and build a worldwide capacity.    

  • Support for major industries & technologies
    Our services cover all the major industries related to smart and wireless devices (telecoms, consumer goods, automotive, health), as well as technologies (smartphones, tablets, wearables, facial recognition, intelligent textiles, etc.).
  • Comprehensive testing services
    Our testing services cover a wide range of requirements, including conformance, EMC/RF, OTA, and interoperability. Specific services include product field trials and performance testing. 
  • Certification programs to bring new products to market 
    Our certification and type approval programs help you to sell your devices in over 150 markets worldwide, while our engineering services help you to meet changing regulatory requirements. 
  • Support & services that address specific risks
    • Performance & reliability: Our services help you improve your system’s effectiveness, including its battery life, antenna performance, and energy use.  
    • Compliance: Our chemical and analytical testing enables you to avoid costly product recalls by meeting regulatory requirements relating to restricted substances that pose health dangers.
    • Conformance: Our recognition and capabilities helps you meet the latest wireless technologies requirements
    • Cybersecurity: Our product cybersecurity testing solution enables you to protect your device’s data, networks, and software from unauthorized access.

Digital solution

Have confidence in your smart payment methods with our testing and certification services

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Certification for Smart & Wireless Devices

Our range of product certification programs for smart and wireless devices helps you meet industry standards. These programs address a range of technologies, including Bluetooth SIG, NFC Forum, LoRa Alliance, Sigfox, and/or GCF and PTCRB for cellular. These certifications are required if your products leverage cellular and wireless technologies. 


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