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The globalized supply chains capable of meeting consumer demand for fast fashion come with risk. We help you to optimize your supply chain to safeguard your brand reputation.

Bringing quality fashion to consumers more quickly and responsibly

Your challenges

Today’s consumers expect fast fashion—clothing and accessories that move quickly from designs to ready-made products available in stores. But the globalized supply chains capable of meeting this demand can put the quality and environmental performance of products at risk. As a fashion brand or retailer, you need to improve the efficiency of your supply chain to increase your products’ speed to market. At the same time, you want to safeguard the quality and social responsibility commitments your customers expect from your brand.

How we support you

We provide the leading supply chain solution approved by major brands worldwide to help you to operate efficiently and to safeguard your brand reputation.

  • Testing services to address risk
    • Safety: We help your products meet stringent safety standards. Our services include testing for safety, flammability, quality, and labeling verification.
    • Chemical: We validate your products comply with regulations, including development of, and testing against restricted substance lists. 
    • Environmental risk: We are a leader in chemical and environmental audits, and wastewater testing, helping you to demonstrate sustainability. Our services include chemical discharge monitoring to reduce the discharge of hazardous chemicals and remove them from your supply chain.
  • Support to bring new services to market
    Our engineering expertise enables you to gain fast market access, specifically to the USA, Europe, China, India, Japan, and the Middle East. 
  • Advanced troubleshooting & consulting services
    Our services enable you to meet regulations and avoid product recalls. Specific services include fiber identification, defect analysis, comparative evaluations, and technical consultancy.

Digital solution

Control and proactively reduce your use of toxic chemicals in your supply chain with BVE 3.

Bureau Veritas Quality Check label

Our Bureau Veritas Quality Check (BVQC) label enables you to demonstrate to your customers that your product’s safety and quality have been certified by an independent inspection body. The label is designed for all consumer goods, such as textiles, clothing, shoes, suitcases and bags, household items, toys, furniture and electrical products. 

25countries in which our testing labs are located
30testing labs across China


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