Hard goods

Hard goods & toys

The extended life expectancy of hard goods and the use of toys by small children make these products subject to particularly stringent regulations. We help you verify your product’s compliance to meet consumer concerns.  

Meeting complex and changing product regulations  

Your challenges

Because hard goods can remain in our lives for decades and toys are intended for small children, these items are held to particularly stringent quality standards and regulations. As a hard goods manufacturer or retailer, you need to comply with complex and changing regulations to avoid product recalls. As a toy manufacturer or retailer, you also need to validate your compliance to relevant regulations and quality standards, such as the EU Toy Directive and the US Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA).

How we support you

We provide services that help you to build quality and safety into your processes, enabling you to bring new products to market with confidence.

  • Services for hard goods
    We help you to manage risks, improve product quality, and reduce customer complaints relating to recalls and non-compliant products. Our services include the following:
    • Standards, methodology, and test development that are accredited to worldwide standards
    • Laboratory testing that is certified worldwide by the International Safe Transit Association
    • Defective product analysis to identity the root cause of failure at various production stages
    • Technical advice by specialists to better manage your quality programs
    • Innovation advice by specialists to integrate smart technologies into hard goods, from luggage to watches
  • Services for toys
    • Product evaluations for design, construction, and safety
    • Testing for safety and durability: This applies to safety use and abuse, destruction, comparison, chemical and electrical hazards, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), microbiology, toxicology, life/reliability, and flammability.
    • Testing for chemicals: Our risk-based chemical management solution manages safety, quality, and cost.

Digital solution

Gain digital supply chain insight with our OneSource platform.

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True AIR© certification program

Our True AIR© certification program validates that your products meet rigorous standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds and chemicals (VOCs), which can be found in all types of consumer products. This program is compliant with ISO 17065, enabling architects, suppliers, and consumers to select furniture, furnishings, and construction materials that have been stringently tested and proven to meet strict VOC standards that contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

17countries in which our testing labs are located
+30years of technical expertise in children’s products to verify safety, quality, and compliance



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