Human behavior in cybersecurity

A cybersecurity strategy that does not account for the human factor is incomplete. In 85% of cybersecurity breaches, a human element was involved, showing the importance of people and behavior in ensuring a robust cybersecurity strategy. Our behavioral psychologists have developed solutions to help your employees become the first line of your cybersecurity defense.


Cybersecurity is inherently a human subject. Technology and processes require human interface and deployment. It is no wonder then, that the majority of cybersecurity breaches involve some human element.

In today’s world, employees are more connected than ever and the cyber attack surface has widened. It has never been more important for your employees to be on guard against cyber attacks. They need to be aware of cybersecurity risk, but motivated and empowered to defend against them directly.

At Bureau Veritas, we focus not only on providing employees the knowledge they need, but critically what will help them adjust risky behavior and take proactive action. We do this through our S.A.F.E human behavior program which addresses the 3 requisites for behavioral change – Knowledge, Motivation and Opportunity.

First, through a baseline assessment, we can help you understand how your employees act today and why.

Next, we plug holes in security awareness and knowledge through an extensive portfolio of e-learnings or in person training. We also give your employees the chance to implement their learnings through simulated phishing and social engineering exercises.

We can complement these actions with exercises like our Tabletop Crisis Simulations, Hacker Mindset workshops and others.

Our services FOR Human Behavior in Cybersecurity

Safe security behavior program
SAFE Security Behavior Program
Baseline assessment of knowledge and behavior 
Training and education
Phishing Tests
Social Engineering
Impact Review
Cybersecurity e-Learning


31 E-learning training courses including:

- Information Security
- Data Privacy
- Phishing & Malware
- Mobile Devices
- Remote working

Available in 7 languages


Cloud and cybersecurity
Workshops & Crisis Simulations
Tabletop Ransomware Crisis Management
Security by Design – Secure programming
Hacker Mindset Workshops
Cloud Security
Hands-on Hacking Workshops


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