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Cybersecurity services: Take control of your digital security

Bureau Veritas supports you in managing cyber risks and demonstrating compliance

In an increasingly connected world, the threat landscape in cybersecurity is constantly evolving. Cybersecurity represents now a priority to companies globally. New regulations and industrial requirements have reinforced the need for independent third-party organizations that can help manage the cyber risk of your systems, assets and products/services.

Increase your Cybersecurity and communicate its effectiveness

To meet your risk management governance, customer demands and new regulation, you need to take greater control of your digital security. At Bureau Veritas, we believe the cyber challenge needs to be addressed holistically, across 3 main dimensions: People, Process and Technology. You may be asking:

  • How can I be sure that my systems and products, as well as my suppliers, meet the right level of compliance compared with relevant standards and emerging regulations?
  • Can I trust the impartiality and the independence of a third-party assessment?
  • How can I promote and communicate our efforts?


We are your trusted partner in taking control of your cyber risks

We provide the independent cybersecurity verification you need to protect your systems, assets, products and supply chain. You can rely on our expertise and our impartiality to gain insight into your vulnerabilities, mitigate risk areas and demonstrate to your stakeholders the actions you carry out.

How we do it:

  1. Comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services covering all cybersecurity applications – IT, OT and IOT
  2. Holistic approach to cybersecurity – People, Process and Technology
  3. Set of accreditations and licenses to operate with global and local standards
  4. Global network of leading cybersecurity experts, notably strengthened through our acquisition of Secura in January 2021

Our services cover a broad range of areas:

  • Industrial (OT) Cybersecurity (your assets)

    Industrial assets are controlled through operational technology (OT) via Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). As industrial OT systems increasingly become digitalized and connected, they represent a unique risk to human safety and the environment. Bureau Veritas offers a comprehensive set of OT security services for all markets, such as Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Marine & Offshore, and Food & Goods Manufacturing.

    For more details, please visit our Industrial (OT) Cybersecurity services page

  • Connected Products (IOT) Cybersecurity (your products)

    There are more and more IoT products every day, necessitating a proper focus on their cybersecurity. Depending on the type of product, there can be multiple corresponding standards, regulations, or certification schemes. Bureau Veritas offers an extensive set of services to help you test and certify your IoT products – including Consumer, Medical Devices, New Mobility / Automotive, and Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS).

    For more details, please visit our Connected Products (iot) Cybersecurity services page

  • Information Technology (IT) Cybersecurity (your systems)

    All companies and organizations today depend on its Information Technology (IT) system to manage business critical processes. It is crucial to properly protect these systems, and their corresponding applications.

    You may want to protect your data for privacy reasons (e.g. GDPR), to protect your IPR, or financial and administrative data, or to defend yourself against cyber criminals (e.g. ransomware).  

    Do you know how well you are protected against all kinds of threat actors? Do you know your cyber risk?

    Bureau Veritas has an excellent set of services to give you insight into your security level, and to help you improve the security level of your IT systems, processes and technology.

    For more details, please visit our Information Technology (IT) Cybersecurity services page

  • Human Behavior in Cybersecurity

    Implementing security solely in technology and processes is not sufficient to keep systems safe. In 85% of cybersecurity breaches, a human element was involved. Bureau Veritas has developed an approach to help you turn potentially your weakest cybersecurity link into your first line of defense. We take a holistic approach to the human factor in Cybersecurity.

    Our S.A.F.E Human Behavior program addresses the 3 requisites for behavioral change – Knowledge, Motivation and Opportunity. Our portfolio of services includes Security Awareness Training, Social Engineering, Phishing Assessments, and Tabletop Crisis Simulation exercises.

    For more details, please visit our Human Behavior in Cybersecurity services page

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