HEADER exploration & production

Exploration & production

Exploration and Production (EPC) contractors count on Bureau Veritas to work hand-in-hand with them throughout the lifecycle to mitigate risks and costs.

Focusing on safety and cost to mitigate risks

Your challenges

Oil & Gas operators face numerous operational risks, ranging from employee and contractor safety to asset damage and interruptions to production. Production managers need help in managing those risks. A focus on safety, compliance and integrity is of utmost importance, as businesses aim to avoid accidents, non-conformities, and unplanned shutdowns that lead to a loss of production. Furthermore, operators seek maintenance and engineering services that will help them optimize maintenance, in turn supporting continuous production.

How we support you

We proudly partner with major EPC contractors, bringing them added value both onshore and offshore, with a uniquely strong presence throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

We provide solutions throughout the lifecycle, from pre-project through design and construction to operation and decommissioning.

  • Permitting
    From Environmental Impact Assessments to Mitigation Plans, we guide our clients through the permitting process, helping them obtain the permits needed for their projects.
  • Risk analysis
    As part of our detailed risk assessments, we carry out gas dispersion analysis.
  • Design
    We carry out equipment design reviews and certification, assessing whether equipment, such as pressure equipment, conforms with construction codes. We also assess risk and propose alternative designs when needed.
  • QA/ QC
    We develop inspection and test plans for components, based on records or knowledge of equipment. As a sole source quality partner to our clients, we work on supplier risk assessments. We highlight risks and optimize the inspection plan, based on our knowledge of risks for certain components or suppliers.
  • Operations
    Bureau Veritas’ day-to-day operationsservices include close cooperation with HSE managers. We focus on key areas such as:
    • Compliance
    • Safety and integrity
    • Continuous monitoring of product quality
    • Assistance to operations for plant performance

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