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Checking that all appropriate health, safety and hygiene conditions are in place 

Safe at work

The priority for all companies is to provide appropriate health, safety and hygiene conditions for their employees and their clients:

  • Companies and public authorities with facilities open to the public need to demonstrate to their customers and users the implementation of the required protective measures.
  • Companies in the industrial, construction and services sectors need to be able to protect their employees whether on site or in their offices.

SafeGuard by BV is a suite of solutions to meet the needs of all sectors of the economy. It addresses the risks specific to all places where people live and work, by training teams effectively on hygiene good practices and checking that protective measures are properly set up and implemented.

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How does it work?

1. Define the list of control points

Bureau Veritas will support you in the design of the checklist that will be verified by our auditors. It has to include all the items to control in order to ensure compliance with good hygiene practices, social distancing, and all other recommendations of the authorities and appropriate regulations in force. You can either use Bureau Veritas’ ready-to-use checklists or customize them to get your own checklists.

2. Conduct the audit

Bureau Veritas offers the possibility to conduct both remote audits and/or field audits. They can then be combined with field audits to check that the expected protective measures are implemented efficiently. Bureau Veritas’ network of auditors in more than 140 countries is particularly adapted to serve companies with large networks of sites to be audited in the world.

3. Grant the label

You can decide to use Bureau Veritas’ SafeGuard standard label or to design your own label with a dedicated branding*. Bureau Veritas will then grant the label, based on the conformity to all requirements, after an independent verification done by a duly qualified auditor.

*in accordance with Bureau Veritas

4. Consolidate all the granted labels and audit reports in one single repository

All the results of our audits will be gathered in a central repository where the data will be made available for you on a public website. Bureau Veritas will ensure its monitoring to check that only valid labels are displayed. You will be easily able to connect your systems with this database in order to use that information in your own websites or applications (open data model).

A user-friendly platform to register online combined with a dedicated website listing all the sites that have been granted the label.

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The ‘SAFEGUARD’ label

Bureau Veritas has put in place a common sanitary protocol that aims to reassure customers and employees across all professions. The Bureau Veritas ‘SafeGuard’ addresses the specific risks to all places where people live and work, by assuring that protective measures are properly set up and implemented.

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Scope of the SAFEGUARD Label


Our checklists were developed by a group of health, safety and hygiene experts based on global most recognized good practices and recommendations related to preventive measures:


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