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The consumer electronics industry is facing new regulatory requirements and fierce competition. We support you to bring your products to market quickly and to meet the requirements needed to access new markets.

Accelerating your product’s time to market

Your challenges

Regulatory requirements for consumer electronics are rapidly evolving as appliances and devices become smart and connected. In addition, competition is increasing as a result of faster production lines driven by automaton. As an electronics manufacturer or retailer, you need to verify your electrical products are safe and perform to specifications to avoid costly recalls and comply with regulations. At the same time, you want to leverage new technologies to increase your competitive position and bring your products to market more quickly.

How we support you

We have the multi-stage testing and engineering expertise you need to gain fast access to new markets. 

  • Support throughout the value chain
    Our multi-stage testing services help you manage all stages in the value chain, including R&D, pre-certification, regulatory compliance, and performance.
  • Testing for all major requirements
    Our testing services cover all major requirements for electrical and electronics, including analytical, EMC/RF, safety and quality. 
  • Certification programs to bring new products to market 
    Our qualification and certification programs enable you to meet multiple regulatory and industry program requirements.
  • Services to increase speed to market
    Our engineering expertise enables you to gain fast market access in over 150 countries. We also have CBTL labs located worldwide to test the safety of your electrical and electronics components, equipment, and products. 
  • Advanced expertise
    Our range of specialties includes experience in diverse fields such as plastics, chemical analysis, manufacturing, and engineering at locations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Electrical Safety Testing & Certification

Our electrical safety testing and certification services help you gain access to global markets. This certification program tests your products against recognized safety standards relating to criteria such as electric shock, excessive temperature, radiation, implosion, and mechanical hazards and fire. Following successful certification, your manufacturing facility is regularly inspected to validate continuity of production quality.

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30testing labs in China



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