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Rail continues to be one of the best transport solutions in the face of growing urbanization and pollution. We help you to ensure safety and compliance across your rail project’s lifecycle.

Providing a safe, reliable rail service

Your challenges

Rail projects are highly complex, involving multiple public and private stakeholders with specific needs and expectations. Because component suppliers are scattered throughout the world, supply chains are both global and highly local. As a rail manufacturer or operator, you need to provide a safe, reliable rail service that meets rigorous quality standards. You also want to optimize the cost of constructing or operating your asset, minimize its downtime throughout its lifecycle, and gain access to new rail projects.

How we support you

We offer a complete range of rail industry services that covers the full project lifecycle, from design, manufacturing and  construction, to operation and maintenance.

  • Design & construction
    Our services - such as Independent Safety Assessment, independent checking engineer, material inspection, Project Management Assistance, material testing and quality control - help you to avoid future cost overruns and operational issues by ensuring safety, quality, and reliability are built into the initial project design.
  • Equipment manufacturing 
    Our services - such as product conformity assessment, Supplier Quality Management, and certification - ensure your products, facilities, and systems achieve quality and standardization across your supply chain.
  • Operation & maintenance
    Our services - such as system assurance management, safety and vendor audits and control, and equipment inspection - help you to run a reliable service, ensure compliance, minimize asset and equipment downtime, and control your supply chain.

Digital solution

Discover how our solutions for the rail industry ensure safety and compliance throughout the value chain

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