Offshore energy

Demand for gas and increasing interest in renewables are breathing life into traditional offshore and marine energy markets. Bureau Veritas helps clients achieve safe construction and operation while producing on a cost-effectiveness and sustainable basis.

Innovating safely, managing assets efficiently

Your challenges

Offshore actors demand flexible solutions alongside technical expertise. Driven by the need to supply sustainable and environmental-friendly energy , engineering companies, manufacturers and operators  aim at developing innovative and cost-effective solutions. While safety of people and environment remains the industry’s top priority, reduction of lifecycle cost and maximization of assets availability appear as the way forward in making oil, gas or electricity affordable everywhere in the world.

How we support you

Bureau Veritas class and certify any asset within an offshore field or farm. We support offshore actors to improve safety, optimize costs throughout their assets’ lifecycle  and reduce risks during operations. . By investing in R&D and developing new standards, we also promote the business model and performance of marine renewable energy projects.

  • Supporting innovative designs and technologies
    We support our clients in developing new designs that save time and money - always targetting the best performance and quality for their assets.
    We provide Approval in Principle, certification and classification of new designs as well as new technologies qualification.
  • Supporting development of LNG projects
    Bureau Veritas is the leader in FSRU classification. Our dedicated classification rules detail requirements to address FSRU technical and operational aspects.
  • Subsea
    At the cutting edge of innovation, we work to qualify new subsea technologies by conducting design reviews, and providing qualification of new technology and Approvals in Principle. We also deliver type approval certificate for Subsea Umbilical, Risers and Flowlines for a wide range of offshore use.
  • Decommissioning
    As complete compliance partners, we support operators at every phase of decommissioning—from portfolio planning through safe asset decommissioning programming to in-field delivery.
  • Safety and compliance
    Our Independent Verification Body (IVB) services experts work on some of the industry’s most complex projects, ensuring safety and compliance on all types of offshore units.

Digital asset integrity management

Optimize the integrity of your offshore asset throughout the lifecycle with Veristar AIM3D.

Promoting the viability of Marine Renewable Energies

Marine Renewable Energies (MRE) covers a range of technologies along different maturity timelines:

  • Fixed wind—a mature technology—where wind farms are already used to generate power
  • Floating wind—an emerging technology—where prototypes have been launched and full projects are now being tested
  • Marine Energy Devices such as Tidal and River Energy Converters, Wave Energy Converters or Ocean Thermal Energy Converters, still in the early stages of development.

Leveraging our expertise in marine, power and offshore, we support the business model of MRE projects by providing Approvals in Principle,Type Certifications for equipment or device as well as qualifications of new technologies and power curve certifications. For projects on the way to commercialization, we propose to cover all the safety, intergrity and performance aspects of a development with a Project Certification. 


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