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Metals & minerals

Bureau Veritas minimizes risk for its Metals and Minerals clients by providing a broad range of essential inspection and testing services throughout the value chain.

Maintaining project viability while facing increased scrutiny

Your challenges

Mining and exploration companies face one priority above all: to ensure their projects’ commercial, technical and operational viability. They must also ensure shipment quality. For traders, certainty in the value of commercial settlements is a key concern. Across the entire life cycle, from early stage exploration through trading to smelting and recycling, companies seek to minimize risk while attaining high industry standards.

How we support you

Working in major world ports and global mining and refining locations, Bureau Veritas has the infrastructure and expertise to minimize your commercial risk through upstream and trade services.

  • Widest range of metals & minerals
    Our specialist laboratories and technicians provide analysis of most of the metals and minerals used in industrial and consumer products. These range from the raw materials used to make steel and aluminum, to coal, non-ferrous metals, and precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum group metals. We also analyze recycled products such as electronic scrap and auto catalysts.
  • Exploration & Mining
    Bureau Veritas enables companies to identify viable resources and optimize efficiency during extraction. We analyze all forms of minerals as well as iron-based, non-ferrous and precious metals, using methods such as trace-level analysis, high-precision assaying and laboratory testing.
  • Trading
    Bureau Veritas trade services cover the verification of the quality and quantity of mine production throughout the supply chain. They include supervision of weighing (including draft survey), sampling, pre-shipment, load and discharge inspection, and managing blend operations

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Our laboratory network

Bureau Veritas has an extensive global network of laboratories in key exporting and importing countries offering rapid turnaround time from sampling to certification. We also provide laboratory outsourcing at our clients’ sites: services range from simple analytical procedures through to the design and commissioning of major laboratory facilities. Increasingly, our laboratories are certified to ISO 17025.


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