Urban populations are creating long-term demand for high-quality, low-carbon buildings in a healthy urban environment.

Sustainable buildings for a low-carbon future

Your challenges

As construction stakeholders, today you are facing several challenges. There is an increasing demand for sustainable, high quality buildings which contribute to a smart urban environment. At the same time, citizens and public authorities are pushing for affordable, efficient projects. This means that cost and schedule monitoring are crucial.

how we support you

Bureau Veritas brings deep technical know-how and data-driven services to bring both objectives real. Every year, we are involved in more than 5,000 construction projects and our inspectors assess more than 10,000 buildings.

Our commitment to accelerate the transition to sustainability in construction and real estate covers residential, office, retail, leisure and industrial buildings, among others. We do this by offering a range of solutions that tackle immediate and future challenges around building construction and operation.

  • Project Management Services: Our project management approach ensures that projects are delivered on time, on budget and according to specifications.
  • Technical Assistance: We provide technical assistance at pre-design stage, alongside construction material analysis, environmental assessments and risk analysis.
  • Regulatory Technical Control: Our teams of engineers are accredited to deliver regulatory technical control according to local regulations.
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control: Our inspectors assess the quality of operations on construction sites. They ensure that construction is performed as per the design and project decisions.
  • Green Building Consulting & Certification: Bureau Veritas is a global player in Green Building consultancy and certification services. We have recognized experience in the main certification schemes: LEED®, BREEAM, EDGE and HQE™, among others.
  • OPEX services: We offer a range of OPEX services for buildings. Discover more
  • BIM Management & BIM Certification: Bureau Veritas is a key player in Building Information Modeling. We deliver several types of services, such as BIM Management, Project Management Assistance or Certification of BIM Models.

Our range of certification services for Buildings enables you to improve organizational performance, protect your employees and reduce environmental impact. We certify management systems in line with the most recognized international standards such as ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 45001 for Health & Safety Management, and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.