Agriculture & Food

Agriculture & Food

The global food industry faces growing demand, and threats to reputation. We work to help the food industry and retailers mitigate risks, protect their brands, and gain access to international markets. 

societal context 

Global agrifood under pressure

Today’s demographic changes present major challenges for the Food and Agriculture sector. On the one hand, population growth is putting pressure on natural resources, from the water used in agriculture to global fish stocks. On the other, as people’s incomes rise, they expect higher levels of quality and safety in the food they eat, and greater choice. 

your challenges 

Meeting growing demand for safe, high quality food

Meeting growing demand for safe, high quality food requires advanced agricultural techniques, efficient supply chains, and adherence to stringent regulations and standards. And demanding consumers see this as the minimum. Increasingly, to meet customer expectations, food producers need to demonstrate food traceability – a complex feat in globalized supply chains. In an age of social media, where consumers have the power to destroy reputations by calling out any safety, quality or traceability issues, the stakes could not be higher.

how we support you

We support our clients with a complete range of testing, inspection and certification services to ensure food safety and quality from farm to fork:

Agriculture and food production

Services to support crop yields and protect the environment, including soil and seed testing.

Agriculture and food trade

Services to provide confidence in global supply chains, for example inspection of agrifood commodities to verify quantity, and laboratory testing to verify biofuel quality.

Food processing and brands

Services to ensure safety and quality and support access to markets. These range from nutritional, drug and pesticide residue testing to certification of products and processes, supply chain digital monitoring solutions and traceability systems.

Retail and hospitality

Services to protect and enhance reputation, from microbial testing and audits focused on health & safety and brand consistency in stores, hotels and restaurants, to digital self-checks solutions and traceability services. 

Our contribution to society

Through our quality, safety and traceability services for clients, we help keep consumers safe and provide them with informed choices about the food they eat.