Buildings & Infrastructure

Buildings & Infrastructure

Policymakers and developers face a dual challenge: how to address the needs of growing urban populations while creating cities that are healthy and efficient? Our services help improve construction safety and quality, and improve the sustainability and performance of assets.

societal context

Rapid urbanization transforming cities 

Urban populations are growing fast: by 2050, around 2.5 billion people are expected to join the 4 billion already living in cities today (Source: United Nations World Urbanization Prospects). Those people are increasingly middle-class, with expectations of safe, sustainable buildings, a healthy urban environment, efficient infrastructure and smart services. Meeting these needs is a major challenge for both public authorities and the real estate industry.

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Delivering safe, sustainable infrastructure

Public authorities must deliver basic infrastructure and housing and mass transportation that is safe, and reliable over the long term. Private developers and contractors seek to develop buildings and infrastructure that are high quality, profitable and compliant with environmental and safety regulations. This means incorporating sustainability into projects from design stage, and carefully managing construction supply chains and process to deliver on time, on budget and to a high quality. Real asset managers, both public and private, must optimize maintenance of existing infrastructure to ensure reliability.

How we support you

We have an established presence in regulatory compliance for private sector construction. Today we go beyond this, supporting public and private sector bodies in planning and managing major infrastructure projects. We are the market leader for construction TIC services in mature markets. And we are developing rapidly in emerging markets as we offer tried-and-tested services in new markets, and grow through acquisitions.

Our focus is on creating real value for clients and end-users at every stage of a project: 

Planning & design

We support project viability with services at design and procurement stage. These include design review, technical assistance and audits and environmental studies. Our permitting solutions ensure conformity with local building regulations.

Procurement & construction

We secure an asset’s long-term safety and performance, via shop inspections and testing of building materials and components, and construction inspections (e.g. QA/QC and site inspections).
We also offer construction supervision, independent engineering, project management assistance and health & safety services.


We enable owners to market their buildings and infrastructure, via acceptance of work services and green building certifications. We are the global partner of USGBC to deliver LEED™, the leading sustainability standard.

Asset management

Our inspections help private and public clients maintain, control and manage their assets. We also help optimize operational performance via services including specialized inspections, life-cycle analysis and energy performance assessments. Our due diligence services support transactions. 

Our contribution to society

Our mission is to make sure that buildings and infrastructure meet safety, efficiency and environmental standards. By doing so, we are helping to build safer, smarter cities for people to live in. We are also playing our part in bringing people closer to each other, by increasing mobility in and between cities.