The sea is a high-risk environment. We help you navigate towards greater safety, sustainability, and performance.

societal context

Marine activities under scrutiny for safety and environmental impact

With over 90% of the world’s commerce conducted by sea, shipping is the backbone of international trade. In this high-risk operating context, protecting seafarers and ships remains a top priority. However, as all industry becomes subject to tighter environmental regulation, the impact of shipping on our seas and shores is also under increased scrutiny.

your challenges

How to keep vessels cutting-edge and compliant?

To remain competitive, ship owners and operators need to manage and reconcile several different priorities. Safety of the ship, its crew, and the environment are always paramount. But you must also ensure that performance is sustainable by monitoring environmental impact, energy efficiency and costs. At the same time, you need to look ahead, future-proofing vessels to ensure they remain compliant, optimizing asset integrity management, and digitalizing systems to improve performance, while protecting data. 

How we support you

As a world-leading classification society, Bureau Veritas works to reduce risk, helping ensure your crews stay safe and your assets are sustainable, every day.

Our classification Rules support safe vessel construction and operations to help ensure ships meet regulatory requirements. We offer:

  • Classification of all types of vessel, from merchant, passenger and naval ships through to the floating structures used for liquefied natural gas (LNG) production, for bunkering, and as terminals;
  • A network of marine experts including naval architects and structural and materials specialists;
  • A range of advanced digital tools to solve complex technical problems, optimize maintenance, and improve asset integrity;
  • Specialist classification services to support the design and construction of innovative new assets, such as LNG-fueled and hybrid vessels.

Bureau Veritas and its subsidiaries also provide value-added services that:

  • Optimize risk management;
  • Improve energy efficiency;
  • Support accident investigations and salvage;
  • Help insurers manage claims (loss-adjusting).

Our contribution to society

As a classification society and through the leading role it plays within the International Maritime Organization and industry bodies such as the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), Bureau Veritas contributes to the promotion of safety at sea and cleaner oceans. We draw on advanced technical knowledge and digital solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of our clients’ ships. Specifically, we have developed leadership positions in alternative propulsion solutions (LNG and electric hybrid) that help ship owners reduce emissions.  

of LNG-fueled ships on order worldwide are being built to Bureau Veritas class