Power & Utilities

Power & Utilities

The power industry is undergoing profound transformation. We help our clients innovate, while maintaining security of supply and optimizing their assets.

societal context  

Climate change leads to industry disruption

The 21st century has brought disruptive change to the power industry. By putting climate protection first the industry has set an example of global leadership but has also set itself its biggest challenge in its 150-year history. As sustained economic growth, urbanization and industrialization drive global demand for power, the industry is working to phase out fossil power by 2100 and set the ground for a low-carbon future.

your challenges

Smooth transformation 

The power industry is seeking to reinvent itself. Business models must adapt to comply with the changing market environment, as new players emerge and implement new ways of working. Digitalization and interconnection are now the norm. Utilities are no longer mere owners and operators of assets: increasingly they are digital service providers to millions of customers around the globe.

Meanwhile, traditional goals of security of supply, competitiveness and environmental protection remain intact, as do the need for safety and compliance. As a result, both the power sector and its supply chain face an unprecedented degree of complexity and disruption, as well as a strong need for agility.

how we support you

We have a 100-year track record of supporting clients across all power generation, transmission and distribution technologies, as well as water, gas, waste and telecommunications utilities around the globe.

On all five continents we have helped clients both to optimize their existing assets and develop their future business:

Design and permitting

Services to ensure project viability and optimize long-term performance e.g. design review, risk assessment, environmental impact assessment


Support in mitigating supply chain risk and opening up new supply chains e.g. product certification, supplier technical assessment, shop inspections (QA/QC), expediting


Services to manage health and safety and construction quality: project management support, on site QA/QC, on-site HSE, commissioning & test run supervision

Operational asset support

A comprehensive approach to reducing risk and improving operational performance, including periodic inspections, non-destructive testing (NDT), process & occupational safety, environmental monitoring, outage support

Asset management

Services to manage asset integrity including condition monitoring, reliability engineering, performance optimization, lifetime extension


End-of-life services including technical due diligence, waste classification

Our contribution to society

More than any other sector the power and utilities industry remains the critical backbone and industrial motor of economies around the globe. We make sure that the transformation towards a low carbon future is done safely and in compliance with best practice, so we leave a sustainable legacy behind for our children, grandchildren and their children.