Environment and climate


We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, adapting to climate change and safeguarding biodiversity.

Bureau Veritas upholds the same environmental policy across all its activities. As defined in our 2020 strategic plan, our environmental policy spans three key objectives (based on our 2015 consolidated results):

  • Header Power & gas distribution

    Reduce CO2 emissions/full-time equivalent by


    by 2020

  • renewable energy CSR

    Increase our use of renewable energy by


  • ISO 14001 CSR_350



    of the Group's activities are ISO 14001-certified

Reducing CO2 emissions

Considering the services it provides, Bureau Veritas' environmental footprint is relatively small. Business travel, energy consumption and leaks of ozone-damaging substances account for 98% of Bureau Veritas' total CO2 emissions. Bureau Veritas is committed to reducing its normalized energy consumption and business travel-related carbon footprint.

Energy management

80% of all electricity used by the Group stems from its laboratories, with the remaining 20% used in offices. Energy performance-improving initiatives for our buildings have been rolled out, including LEED certification, the installation of LED lighting in our laboratories and the use of renewable energy.

Waste management

Due to the nature of its business activities, in terms of volume, Bureau Veritas' main form of waste is paper. To cut back on consumption levels and reduce the ensuing waste, a number of initiatives have been put in place, including issuing electronic reports, and electronic archiving and printing when clients and regulations authorize such practices.
Finally, our ISO 14001 certification ensures a high level of control over our environmental management system and the waste produced by Bureau Veritas' activities.

  • ISO 14001 CSR_350

    ISO 14001 certified in


    of our activities in 2019


A recognized environmental policy

Bureau Veritas voluntarily submits all its environmental practices and, more generally, its CSR practices, for assessment by the ECOVADIS agency, the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

ECOVADIS has awarded Bureau Veritas a “Gold” rating.


In 2019, the Group was assessed once again by CDP, and was awarded a B, thus putting Bureau Veritas above average for its sector in terms of climate change performance.


Learn more about our CSR policy in our 2019 Non-Financial Statement