Our commitment to our staff CSR

Our commitment to our people


Our growth relies on the knowledge, skills and engagement of our people. Bureau Veritas' success depends on our employees' sustained performance and the opportunities they are given to develop and grow over the course of their careers.

Our employees are proud to leave their mark on society by reducing risks and contributing to making the world a safer place. Bureau Veritas aims to foster this commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility and attract multiple generations of diverse, talented professionals hoping to join us and enjoy an enriching career. We commit to work to boost skills and create great leaders and industry experts who will rise to this challenge and opportunity to leave their mark, building trust and enabling sustainable growth.


We make sure our new employees are given the best possible start through global and local on-boarding programs that include a combination of job-specific content, local office/country/operating division guidance, compliance learning, and networking/connections.  This is a critical part of our talent development given the 14,954 permanent (or equivalent) employment contracts signed in 2019.

14,954 permanent (or equivalent) employment contracts signed in 2019

developing our TALENT

At Bureau Veritas, MyPerformance@BV provides a framework for optimizing employee and organizational performance, while MyDevelopment@BV provides the framework for the development of our people, including through our online learning portal, MyLearning.

There is a minimum expectation that a competency and career development conversation is held at least once each year with every employee, along with a corresponding digital record of the development objectives agreed between managers and employees. The development objectives that are agreed are then used to inform the solutions, such as formal learning, employee experiences, etc., that employees may undertake to accelerate their development.

building tomorrow’s leaders

In order to build a strong and diverse pipeline of talent for the key roles within the Group, a Talent strategy to identify, assess and develop key talent was put in place in 2019. This strategy includes identifying talent into “talent pools” (see below), which may concern any Bureau Veritas employee, including for future roles not yet defined today. People in these pools are provided targeted development to ensure there is a strong pipeline of talent in place for new roles created in the future to support the Group’s growth.



open & inclusive

A diverse workplace achieved through an inclusive culture is an integral part of Bureau Veritas’ identity. The Group has developed organically and through many different acquisitions with a richness of capability from drawing together people of diverse gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, education, business background, etc.

The Group monitors, encourages and reinforces diversity within its teams, which is considered a key component for innovation that is necessary for the deployment of the Group’s strategy. Additionally, it is important for Bureau Veritas as a whole to reflect the diversity of the global markets in which it operates. Promoting, enhancing and protecting Bureau Veritas’ inclusive culture is one of the Group’s main priorities as it grows and develops new businesses, where remaining at the forefront of industrial innovation is essential for success.

One of the four BV Values, “Open & Inclusive” (see below), and our Leadership Expectations, “Leads through Bureau Veritas Absolutes and Values” and “Build engaged teams”, reinforce the Group’s belief that employees can only reach their full potential if they are able to express themselves freely and openly, and if the words and actions of Bureau Veritas’ employees encourage such expression.


Our inclusive culture is also reinforced and protected by:

  • a number of group policies, including those on inclusion, anti-harassment, talent acquisition, and employee representation
  • increasingly ambitious goals to achieve more women in the workforce
  • monitoring and taking action to close any gender pay gaps: currently at the non-management level this female/male ratio is 1.02 (greater than 1 means the average female salary is greater than the male one) based on 42 countries covering 67% of our employees

Safeguarding our employees' health and safety

Our commitment to health and safety starts at home.

Health and safety are the core end goals of the services we offer our clients, and are key for our employees: most of Bureau Veritas' inspection services are conducted at clients' premises, or at their suppliers' premises, sites that can sometimes be hazardous. Bureau Veritas sees safety as a non-negotiable priority crucial to our ability to provide our services.
Since 2015 – when the Group's first indicators were reported – there has been a marked decline in accident rates.

  • cover_meet_our_people

    Our target for 2020: Reduce accident rates by


  • OHSAS_18001_CSR_350

    OHSAS 18001 certification for


    of our activities in 2019

Encouraging indicators

Since 2014, the total accident rate (TAR) has dropped by 51%, the accident frequency rate (LTR) has fallen by 47%, and the accident severity rate (ASR) has decreased by 6%.

TAR: Number of accidents with and without lost time x 200,000/Number of hours worked LTR: Number of accidents with lost time x 200,000/Number of hours worked
ASR: Number of days lost x 1,000/Number of hours worked  

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