Bureau Veritas and Cotton Egypt Association partner to verify ‘Egyptian Cotton’

Mar. 28 2017

The Egyptian Cotton Logo placed on products that have been tested and audited to be true Egyptian Cotton.

Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. March 28, 2017 - Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Bureau Veritas), leaders in testing, inspection/audit, advisory and certification services, have announced an exclusive partnership for the next 5-years with the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) to provide conformity assessment services to verify that the materials are traceable to confirmed lots of true Egyptian Cotton at any stage of production. 

The Egyptian Cotton Logo is a mark that helps restore faith as to the authenticity of products bearing the claim, Egyptian Cotton. It demonstrates that the CEA has certified that the product is true Egyptian Cotton by conforming to the requirements in the Factory Audits and Testing services and is ready for retail. The exclusive agreement with Bureau Veritas brings global scale and reach to the scheme thanks to Bureau Veritas’ leadership position within the retail / consumer goods marketplace with test labs and auditors worldwide.

Bureau Veritas will be providing the following services to companies making or selling products with the Egyptian Cotton Logo:

  • Factory/Facility Audits - Audits of the production capability and performance of a factory against Bureau Veritas’ Fiber Traceability Facility Assessment methodology. A corrective action plan is set up to help facilities who do not achieve an acceptable score within the Material Traceability Audit.
  • Retail Surveillance - Quarterly audits at retailers, based on a list agreed to by the CEA, to check product information against the database to confirm the traceability records in place.
  • Information Management - Bureau Veritas will optimize its industry leading BV OneSource web based supply chain quality management platform to manage test reports, audit reports, corrective action plans and the traceability "database" functionality for CEA and its member companies.

Mark Agius, Senior Vice President for Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services in Europe, Middle East & Africa commented, “This exclusive partnership with CEA for the next five-years takes our support for producers and buyers of Egyptian Cotton to the next level, enabling retailers, brands and their supply chain to easily access this scheme.”