Bureau Veritas Certification releases new version of his comprehensive guide on Wind Farm Project Certification

Jan. 3 2017

Bureau Veritas, global leader in compliance evaluation and certification services, is publishing the new version of his international guide aimed at ensuring the safety and compliance to international standards of wind turbines   & wind farms for the production of renewable energy.

Renewable energy set new records in 2015 for dollar investment, the amount of new capacity added and the relative importance of developing countries in that growth. So far, the drivers of investment in renewables, including climate change policies and improving cost-competitiveness, have been more than sufficient to enable renewables to keep growing their share of world electricity generation at the expense of carbon-emitting sources.

Since the beginning Bureau Veritas (LCIE) has been actively participating into the IEC system of conformity assessment schemes for electro technical equipment and components working groups as Member Body, National Certification Body and Testing Laboratory.

The first edition of the BV guide for the certification wind turbines & wind farms was published by Bureau Veritas Certification in 2012.

Responding to the needs of the industry, Bureau Veritas Certification has constantly monitored the changes and new developments in view of deciding on their incorporation to this guide.

The present edition incorporates most of the requests from the wind industry: manufacturers of wind turbines & components, engineering companies, producers of renewable energy.

Christian Môquet (Products Certification Director-TCS-CIF  Bureau Veritas).

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