Bureau Veritas is designated as a SAR Testing Laboratory for KC Mark

Jan. 26 2016

Bureau Veritas is designated as a SAR Testing Laboratory for KC Mark

Suwon-Si, Korea, 26 January, 2016 – Bureau Veritas is pleased to announce that its' Wireless/Smartworld laboratory in Korea has been designated as a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing laboratory in Korea by the National Radio Research Agency (RRA). With this designation (No.: KR0158), Bureau Veritas CPS ADT Korea is authorized to perform testing as well as to issue a SAR test report that can be used to attain a Korea Certification mark (aka KC mark) for market access into Korea. Witnessed by the management of Bureau Veritas and RRA, the Designation Certificate Ceremony took place in Naju, Korea in December 2015.

The Korea Certification or KC mark, is used to demonstrate compliance with Korea's Health & Safety and EMC requirements for electrical and electronic equipment, and is to be affixed to finished products before being marketed. Whilst KC certification is issued by Korea-based certification bodies that have been approved by the Korea Standards Association (KSA), organizations such as Bureau Veritas can assist manufacturers in the preparation of application documents, as well as conducting product testing aligned with the requirements of KC certification standards. As a designated SAR testing laboratory of RRA, Bureau Veritas provides a faster lane to the KC Mark compliance.

As the hub of radio wave research for a smart Korea, the National Radio Research Agency is a government agency designed to ensure efficient research of radio resources and radio wave environments, and conduct research on quality certification and technical criteria with regard to broadcasting and communications equipment, thereby contributing to the development of the nation´s broadcasting and communications industry. 

Tarik Mahammed, Vice President of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Electrical and Electronic Business Line, Asia region commented at the ceremony: "We are delighted to announce this strategic collaboration with RRA, our valued Korean partner. Korea is considered as one of the world’s leading R&D centers and advanced technological consumer markets; our presence in Korea plays a strategic footprint for the Bureau Veritas Group. We are confident that our comprehensive capabilities can fully support our clients to gain faster and efficient Korea market access in compliance with KC requirements - Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), as well as general electrical safety of their electrical and electronic products."