Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of our business

Business to Business to Society—with an emphasis on society. Our CSR services anticipate global economic trends to help us play a positive role in the communities we serve.

Climate change and declining natural resources, population growth and increased urbanization: these are some of the forces reshaping society today. To face these challenges, we capitalize on our expertise in safety and sustainability, offering solutions geared toward creating a brighter future. Our own CSR initiatives are the core of our mission and our business, driving long-term performance and innovation.

Our key challenges and initiatives are focused on Governance and operational excellence; Health, Safety and Environmental issues; and Human Resources and Society.

“For many years, Bureau Veritas has been highly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our mobilization toward CSR is not only part of our societal engagement initiatives, it is also the core nature of our “raison d’être”.

Therefore, Bureau Veritas designed a complete set of CSR services specifically dedicated to helping our clients protect biodiversity, reduce their environmental impact, improve their safety and better contribute to the well-being of society, on a local and global scale.

In addition, because CSR is part of our DNA and our expertise, Bureau Veritas is strongly engaged in promoting Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental & Social Responsibility in our operations. We aim to continuously improve internal processes involving our employees, suppliers and subcontractors.
At Bureau Veritas, we act with determination and confidence.”

Marc Boissonnet, Executive Vice President – Corporate & External Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility

Our ecosystem

We create and share value with a large number of stakeholders worldwide.
They include:

  • employees
  • shareholders
  • clients, suppliers, subcontractors and accreditation bodies
  • civil society in a broad sense: as indirect external stakeholders, we provide services with a positive impact on quality, health and safety as well as protection of society and the environment

CSR at the heart of our core values

In addition to our teams’ expertise and know-how, our shared core values—which underpin our corporate culture, and are reinforced by three “absolutes” rooted in our practices—protect our brand’s image and reputation, driving value creation over the long term.


Ethics, an “absolute”

Our Code of Ethics puts integrity front and center. From this foundation, we develop trust-based relationships with our employees, clients, shareholders and communities.

Our Code of Ethics details the rules, principles and values that inform everything we do.
It consists of four core principles:

  • To rigorously uphold our Code of Ethics
  • To conduct ourselves with transparency, honesty and fairness
  • To abide by the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate
  • To fight corruption and bribery

For our employees, our Code of Ethics is a shared source of pride. It strengthens our teams and guides our growth. Employee education and review programs, as well as internal and external audits ensure the utmost compliance. By 2017, 98.6% of our employees had followed our Compliance Program training.

We require our intermediaries, subcontractors, joint-venture partners and key suppliers to agree in writing to our Code of Ethics.

Trust is a prerequisite to any healthy business relationship. We are committed protecting the confidentiality of our client companies, including but not limited to their business and personal information. In the same manner, we respect local and international ethics guidelines as representative of our professional standard.

Our Code of Ethics evolves to keep pace with changing legislative and regulatory standards. View the latest version here.

Our sustainability practices

When environmental sustainability meets improved performance, it’s a win-win.

The environmental challenges faced today need smart, viable solutions. And as we expand our global presence, it’s vital that our growth is sustainable. Our environmental policy aims at preventing pollution, minimizing energy consumption and waste.

Our “Lean Management” initiative introduced an ongoing performance improvement approach with an emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint by optimizing travel, lessening the use of consumables in our offices and laboratories, and providing ways to reduce the amount of waste.

Planned through 2020, Lean Management is already celebrating success. For example, we optimized inspectors’ routes to job sites, thus minimizing our carbon emissions and travel time.

Protecting the health and safety of our employees

Our commitment to health and safety starts from within.

Health and safety are central to our business—and imperative to our culture. For Bureau Veritas, safety is a non-negotiable priority, without which we could not continue.

Our main objectives:

  • Reach zero fatal accidents
  • Reduce the frequency of accidents with lost work time and the frequency of all accidents by 10%
  • Reduce the accident severity rate by 15%
  • Conduct mandatory training for all new arrivals
  • Roll out safety and accident prevention campaigns
  • Maintain OHSAS 18001 certification for all the entities with more than 200 employees


Human Resources: our most valuable asset

Our people are at the root of our success and performance.

Our employees proudly serve the general interest by helping to reduce risks and contributing to make the world safer. Bureau Veritas wants to promote this commitment among younger generations who wish to join us and are looking for meaningful careers. We are committed to creating opportunities for skills building, personal development and mobility throughout our employees’ careers, as well as encouraging their ability to innovate.

Our main objectives:

  • Nurture talent
  • Foster a learning organization
  • Grow into an inclusive culture

Nurture talent
We offer a large range of career paths thanks to our broad geographical presence across the world and the diversity of our businesses and sectors of activity.

Foster a learning organization
Training and personal development are key goals of the Group’s HR strategy. It is a mean by which we keep our employees’ expertise aligned with our businesses and reinforce their abilities to innovate to better serve the widening range of our clients’ needs.

Number of training hours: 21h per employee in 2017
Covering 89% of our workforce

Grow into an inclusive culture

An inclusive culture enables each and every employee to reach his/her full potential.

People are different but we want them to work all together respectful of their differences. The Group actively encourages an inclusive environment in which all forms of diversity are seen as an added value and in which everyone feels respected, safe to be himself/herself and express their own ideas.

Fighting discrimination

Our goal is to foster a culture where discrimination is not tolerated. All employees are prohibited from any kind of discrimination on the basis of age, gender, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, as well as political and religious affiliation. Diversity is encouraged in all levels of our organization and perceived as a source of enrichment and progress.

“Gender + One”, our global inclusion program

Why “Gender”?
We see an appropriate gender balance within our team as a driver of progress. Increased visibility of women, especially in leadership positions, advances the rights of women while strengthening our businesses and communities.

By the end of 2017:

  • The percentage of women on our executive management team increased from 12% to 14.5%.
  • The percentage of women identified as potential successors for executive positions increased from 18% to 27%.

Why “+ one”?
In addition to a better gender balance, we seek to create favorable conditions to implement any kind of inclusion initiatives all around the world. With “+ one”, all entities of the Group are encouraged to define and implement an inclusive initiative in line with local priorities or needs. As an example, in France, we have reinforced access to employment to people with disabilities. The employment rate for people with disabilities in France has increased up to 2% for the 3 last years.

Learn more about our overall CSR policy in our 2017 reference document