Our commitment to our staff CSR

Our commitment to our staff

Human resources: our greatest asset

Our growth relies on the knowledge and skills of our people. Bureau Veritas' success depends on our employees' performance and the opportunities they are given to develop and grow over the course of their careers.

Our employees are proud to serve the greater good by reducing risks and contributing to making the world a safer place. Bureau Veritas aims to foster this commitment to public service among the next generation of talented professionals hoping to join us and enjoy an enriching career. We undertake to work to boost skills and nurture professional development and mobility for our employees throughout their careers, and to foster their capacities for innovation.

Making new employees feel at home

We make sure our new employees are given the best possible start through on-boarding programs and training and integration schemes designed to help them get comfortable in their new roles and workplace as quickly as possible.

13,330 permanent (or similar) employment contracts signed in 2018

Nurturing talent

We offer a wide range of professional development opportunities thanks to our global presence and the sheer diversity of sectors and positions.

Adopting a learning-based approach

Training and personal development are part of the Group's core HR strategies. Both allow us to maintain our employees' expertise in various sectors, and to heighten their ability to innovate to better meet our clients' evolving needs.

~ 17 hours of training per employee on average in 2018

An inclusive corporate culture

An inclusive corporate culture gives each employee the space needed to express their potential to the fullest.

Diversity is an integral part of Bureau Veritas’ history, culture and identity. The Group brings together men and women from a wide range of different backgrounds, all with different profiles; over 50 languages are spoken across the Group.

Diversity is encouraged at all levels, and is embraced as a source of enrichment and progress. We actively encourage an inclusive environment in which diversity in all its forms is seen as real added value, with each individual given the space to grow and feel respected, secure in the knowledge they can be themselves and express their opinions in a supportive atmosphere.

Zero tolerance for discrimination

We want our employees to be able to work together in full respect of one another's differences. We strive to create a culture in which there is zero tolerance for discrimination. Employees are strictly forbidden from exercising any form of discrimination, whether based on age, gender, disability, nationality, ethnicity, political views or religious beliefs.

« Gender + One », our global inclusion program

Why 'Gender'?

We see gender equality within our teams as a key driver of progress. Women are increasingly represented within Bureau Veritas, particularly in management positions, and this helps boost women's rights while improving our results and communities.

17 % of senior management positions occupied by women in 2018
Our target for 2020: 25 % of upper management positions occupied by women

The GEEIS label

The GEEIS (Gender Equality European and International Standard) label was awarded to Bureau Veritas' main subsidiaries in France, Spain, Italy and Poland. Taken as a whole, these subsidiaries employ 7,453 staff members, 33.2% of whom are women.

Gender Equality European & International Standard_CSR_350

Why « + One »?

As well as striving for greater gender equality, we aim to create the right conditions for implementing all types of inclusion initiatives around the world. Thanks to this '+ One' aspect, all the Group's entities are encouraged to develop and roll out inclusion initiatives that respond to local priorities and needs.

Safeguarding our employees' health and safety

Our commitment to health and safety starts at home.

Health and safety are the core end goals of the services we offer our clients, and are key for our employees: most of Bureau Veritas' inspection services are conducted at clients' premises, or at their suppliers' premises, sites that can sometimes be hazardous. Bureau Veritas sees safety as a non-negotiable priority crucial to our ability to provide our services.
Since 2015 – when the Group's first indicators were reported – there has been a marked decline in accident rates.

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    Our target for 2020: Reduce accident rates by


  • OHSAS_18001_CSR_350

    OHSAS 18001 certification for


    of our activities in 2018

Encouraging indicators

Since 2014, the total accident rate (TAR) has dropped by 47%, the accident frequency rate (LTR) has fallen by 51%, and the accident severity rate (ASR) has decreased by 32%.

TAR: Number of accidents with and without lost time x 200,000/Number of hours worked LTR: Number of accidents with lost time x 200,000/Number of hours worked
ASR: Number of days lost x 1,000/Number of hours worked  

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