The first V2X certification program.


A disrupted automotive market

New technology is disrupting automotive products and business models. From driving to self-driving cars and fossil fuel to electric propulsion, a century-old industry is changing faster than ever before. Vehicle connectivity (V2X), in its different forms, is the common thread.


Cybersecurity and data privacy

Technological breakthroughs are also creating new risks. Digital systems have already replaced many mechanical systems in vehicles – and will soon replace drivers. These digital systems represent three risks for both manufacturer and driver:

  • Personal safety: Digital systems need to be consistently safe and reliable
  • Cybersecurity: Digitalization has opened doors for hackers, with both vehicle components and car company servers at risk of attack
  • Data privacy: Manufacturers need to safeguard the data privacy of their now connected cars and to keep pace with new regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe.

All these challenges reflect a common issue: the need for people to have trust in systems.


TIC for new technology

To provide that trust, we are leading the world in V2X testing and certification. We helped create the first V2X certification program in the world through our membership of the OmniAir Consortium in the United States. Our subsidiary, 7Layers, has been appointed as OmniAir’s first authorized test laboratory for V2X devices. We are taking the same approach in South Korea, where Bureau Veritas is a board member of the CITS consortium that is drawing up the country’s V2X test specifications.

Safeguarding data

To keep people’s data safe from hackers, we have developed an automated testing platform for cybersecurity with one of Europe’s top technology research institutes, CEA LETI. We also offer GDPR certification for third parties to support companies in keeping consumer data private.

Growing our traditional business

Bureau Veritas is building on its leadership position in mechanical, chemical and electrical testing. We are also supporting customers in accessing markets. By acquiring China’s homologation service provider VEO in 2016, we established a real presence with the country’s car makers – and also improved access to Russian and other Asian markets.

We’re fully aligned with the market as it changes in the digital space, acting as both a technology and a thought leader. In the automotive sector, our specifications are helping the industry to break new ground.

Virginie Laurent Automotive Market Leader, Bureau Veritas

Our leadership in this field is not only safeguarding the components of an individual vehicle that could be at risk of a cyber-attack, it is also protecting the servers of automotive companies. We are supporting our customers across the entire value chain.

Chris BairdDirector, Global Marketing Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services