A collaborative platform providing information about the state of an operator’s assets.


Managing costs at sea

Owners of commercial vessels and oil and gas platforms share a number of common concerns. Both are looking to reduce their costs of production without compromising safety. They share a wide range of stakeholders, including staff, contractors, national compliance bodies, insurers, and maritime authorities. And companies in both sectors are impacted by digital transformation, operating assets that create huge amounts of data.


The data management challenge

To manage their assets more efficiently, operators in these fields face several challenges. 
Firstly, the assets themselves are of different ages – and are subject to different sets of regulations. This makes it harder to have an overall visibility on the potential risks and the mitigation measures that need to be in place. Key decisions on decommissioning or refurbishing can only be taken after a major investment in data collection and reporting. 

A further problem is the fragmented nature of the IT environment. The various stakeholders are typically using different software, with different data formats. Compatibility issues will inevitably follow, making it more difficult to share information and to work in a collaborative way. Keeping information up to date also becomes problematic. At the same time, all these issues are harder to solve during a period of cost reduction.

veristar AIM3D



A clear picture with Veristar AIM3D

Our answer to these challenges is Veristar AIM3D, a collaborative platform that provides a wealth of information about the state of an operator’s assets. The system is able to consolidate data from structured sources, such as tabulated data in Excel files, or unstructured ones, such as written reports and create dashboards that are continuously updated. 

The platform has at its heart a 3D ‘digital twin’ of the asset. Users can zoom in on a specific area and access all the relevant performance indicators. Colors can be used to highlight the risk ranking associated with a particular component of a ship or rig. Engineers in various disciplines, maintenance technicians and field inspectors can now go straight to the information they need.
The 3D model and the information gathered by Veristar AIM3D can be exported to numerical analysis tools when reassessments are necessary and then import back, as new data, the conclusions of such analysis. 

Business benefits for our clients

Veristar AIM3D offers all the benefits that come from a better understanding of an asset:

  • Significantly improved indicators for safety
  • Lower inspection, repair and servicing costs, through more accurate preventive maintenance
  • Reduction in time-consuming data preparation and reporting
  • Proof to shareholders and authorities that an operator is fully aware of the state of its assets, and that safety measures are in place.
25% projected savings on repairs and refurbishment to ship hulls using Veristar AIM 3D