Introducing: Imen Chaieb

Can you briefly explain your background and your job at Bureau Veritas? 

I have a diverse background, combining expertise in agronomy, bio-industrial engineering and supply chain management. In 2021, I joined Bureau Veritas as a Supply Chain Specialist focusing on developing the related Assurance product offering for the Energy sector. Collaborating closely with our Digital and IT teams, I continuously enhance our suite of products aligned with our strategy. Additionally, I support our network and Market Leaders in their commercial activities and implementation of contracts. Lastly, I'm responsible for operational ramp-up, training and coordination within our network, vital for maintaining seamless operations and consistent service excellence.

What’s your greatest professional achievement at Bureau Veritas? 

My greatest professional achievement at BV has been fostering effective communication and collaboration among cross-functional teams dispersed around the world. This is the pivotal element of success for product development. Through dedicated efforts and a proactive approach, I've been able to bridge communication gaps, encourage information sharing and cultivate a collaborative spirit that helps advance the project. 

You are a supply chain expert. What are today’s main supply chain challenges, and what is the role of Bureau Veritas? 

Supply chains recurrently face challenges of Conformity, Performance, Resilience, Sustainability, Transparency and Assurance. Bureau Veritas employees support different markets in ensuring product compliance, process assurance, quality control, supply chain visibility and risk management to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of modern global supply chains. The use of digital tools and business intelligence to improve engagement, transparency and decision-making is also a crucial aspect of our contribution to supply chain optimization, data accuracy and resilience.

How have you been able to develop professionally at Bureau Veritas? 

My experience at Bureau Veritas has improved my skills as a Product Owner. I've come to recognize the pivotal role that this position plays in the overall success of product development and implementation. I dedicated myself to refining my proficiency in managing and prioritizing the product improvement backlog, ensuring teams focus on the most valuable features and functionalities. With the knowledge and expertise gained through my journey at Bureau Veritas, I am well equipped to face new product development initiatives.