Introducing: Jim Chiu

In a few words, could you describe your career path and your current position at BV?

With 14 years of experience in the testing, inspection and certification industry, I joined BV in Taiwan in 2015. In my first role, I led the sales team responsible for promoting our services in regulatory, wireless and GMA in the consumer electronics field. In 2017, I formed a business development team to expand BV’s cybersecurity and new energy markets in Taiwan. In 2022, we established a new business development division to develop the cybersecurity, new energy, new mobility and IoT markets, as well as build testing capabilities and labs in Taiwan.

Could you describe your first days at BV? What were your overall impressions?

My first impression of BV is that the environment is much more inclusive, is open to new ideas and discussions, and gives more space for talent to develop. Compared to my previous experience serving in a European Certification Body, the working culture within BV is much more positive – and I’m focused on maintaining this positive atmosphere within my team.

What do you enjoy most about working in the cybersecurity sector?

Present challenges and future opportunities. Contrary to traditional CPS services – which are mostly mandatory for businesses - cybersecurity is by and large voluntary. This means that we must first explain the importance of cybersecurity, technology roadmaps and market trends to our customers, as it is a fast-growing and changing segment. We also need to help customers understand BV’s value proposition, and show that BV can be their long-term partner. This is especially necessary, as cybersecurity will continue to grow in importance for all industries and regulatory bodies. It is therefore something that must be paid close attention to in the future.

In your daily work, how do you contribute to Shaping a World of Trust?

Whether working with customers, partners or colleagues, I keep an open and inclusive mind. I respect and listen to all opinions, and understand everybody’s differing needs. BV’s mission starts from shaping trust between team members, so that we can then shape trust with our customers and partners. Every step we take developing cybersecurity here in Taiwan or elsewhere globally will contribute to Shaping a World of Trust.

What sort of work experience were you hoping to have at BV? Why did you choose BV?

I wanted to collaborate more across business lines and with BV teams in other countries. Both of these hopes are becoming a reality, as more consumer devices become connected and require cybersecurity capabilities. I aim to continue utilizing the global resources we have here at BV, and leverage our advantages and strengths in Taiwan to assist business expansion in the region. We have some very talented colleagues at BV around the world, and I believe that we can work together to build our business and continue to shape trust with our clients.

What would you say to someone considering a career at BV?

BV is truly a global company. We have the opportunity to collaborate with talented teams from around the world from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Joining BV will enable you to gain a broader international perspective. BV also attaches great importance to the development of talents and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This means that as Trust Makers, we can both develop professional skills and experience, while also Shaping a Better World.

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