Introducing: Jonathan Martinez

In a few lines, could you describe your career path and your position at BV?

After a two-year apprenticeship at Shell’s integrated petrochemical complex in Berre, I started my career at Bureau Veritas Emissions Services (former ECS) in 2002 as an LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) Inspector. During my first year, I became Team Leader and then Project Manager.

As BVES expanded globally, I specialized in international project management, mainly in Europe, Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

In 2019, my career took another turn when I was offered a position in which 50% of my time would be devoted to BV’s Global Technical Support & Development team (TSD). Since 2020, I’ve spent this time working in the Oil & Gas Global Service Line.

My most recent significant achievement was getting a Master 2 in Project Management (December 2021), which I hope will help me better serve BV Group throughout the rest of my career.

In your daily work, how do you contribute to fostering a more sustainable world?

Nowadays, there are strong calls for industry to reinvent itself to reduce its impact on climate change.

My daily work, both at BVES and O&G GSL, focuses on supporting energy companies with their sustainability objectives, especially in terms of emissions reduction.

I’m really proud of the positive impact that thousands of successful, global LDAR campaigns have had on Heath, Safety and Environment since I led the global replication of this activity at BV.

In addition, for over ten years, I’ve led BV’s emissions monitoring activities at strategic environmental standardization and research working groups, such as GERG, AFNOR and CEN (European Committee for Standardization). Recently, I’ve been chosen by GERG (European Gas Research Group) to be the field coordinator for a first-of-its-kind research project. We’ll be testing the most promising top-down (or site level) technologies to quantify methane emissions.

I’m delighted to play a role in initiatives like these that clearly contribute to a more sustainable world, while also strengthening BV's positioning as a strategic partner in the sustainability space.

What’s your greatest professional achievement?

I think my greatest professional achievement has been my advancement within BV itself. I started as an inspector at a BV subsidiary, and now provide support to the OPEX network at a global level.

I’m also very proud to actively participate in the development of BV’s “Achieving NET ZERO” solution, which is in line with Clarity's 4-steps program and a value driver of BV’s Green Line of  services and solutions.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced at BV?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced at BV is still relevant: supporting a global network is very demanding. The multiplicity of time zones requires significant personal involvement and a lot of flexibility.

This is even more challenging because I’m still devoting 50% of my time to BVES as an International Project Manager, where meeting clients’ deadlines and objectives remains a key priority.

Near-surgical precision and organization are therefore necessary to satisfy all stakeholders, but it’s also what allows me to develop and what excites me on a daily basis!