Introducing: Rachel Wang

Please describe your career path and your position at BV.

I joined BV China in 2012 as a sales manager for IVS, and was promoted to Sales Team Manager in 2016. In early 2019, I started working as a segment leader for Airport, Metro and Hospital. I started my current role, Sales Head for B&I China, in 2021. In my second year at BV, I won the gold award for sales internally. I went on to receive the same award almost every year until 2018. And now I’m very happy to see my team win the awards.

What do you enjoy most about your position?

Building up and strengthening my sales team’s competence, enhancing sales efficiency, and helping my team members to be successful. At BV, people are an asset, especially in sales. To reach the team target, we need team competence – it’s never about just one individual. As Sales Head, I treat team growth and achievement as the benchmark for my success. And I’m proud of my team’s steady growth and output.

If you had to describe BV in three words, what would they be, and why?

Diversified, comprehensive and responsible. BV supports clients through its diverse portfolio of services and comprehensive one-stop solutions. Furthermore, when working with clients, BV employees have its mission in mind: shaping a better, more responsible world.

In your daily work, how do you contribute to Shaping a World of Trust?

Trust is shaped with every contact, through cooperation and treating each other with respect. I believe in open dialogue and the value of listening to our clients and my colleagues with an open mind. This enables me to accurately assess their needs from a more global perspective. From there, we can find the best solution to help them achieve their goals. And of course, I always try to follow through on my promises and never oversell.